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This would be a perfect starter bike for anyone that doesn"t have enough experience to jump right on a Yamaha Shadow or V-star, but they still want that classic cruiser look.

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The Yamaha Virago 250 has the classic standard cruiser look without the unmanageable power & torque that a new motorcycdanh sách doesn’t need while learning the basics of riding.

Out of all of the standard style motorcycles I have sầu lớn say that I really lượt thích the look of the Virago the best. Not only is it small & nimble, but it has a fair amount of chrome on it lớn satisfy most appetites. Budget-wise it also sits in a nice sweet spot that makes it a bit more expensive sầu but with nice gear danh mục that’s worth the money. We wouldn’t recommend it if you are after a cheap starter motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation và the Yamaha Virago 250

When I first took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course, they had a few different bikes for everyone khổng lồ ride. Most of them were in the 150cc – 250cc range. The bike I chose to ride for part of it was the Yamaha Virago 250. It is an absolutely awesome bike khổng lồ learn the motorcycle riding fundamentals on.

The 249cc, SOHC, 60 degree v-twin engine provides enough power for cruising around the streets, và can even get you around on the freeway. The xe đạp is lightweight và that makes maneuvering at low speeds incredibly easy. It is important lớn keep in mind that the lachồng of motorcycle mass means the xe đạp is so light weight that you might get blown around on the freeway more than would be comfortable.

Yamaha Virago 250 Review

Yamaha Virago is Great for Short Riders!

This xe đạp was definitely made with smaller riders in mind. The seat height is only 27 inches, which is a full 2 inches lower than the Kawasaki Nin-Ja 250, a motorcycle already famous for its low seat height! I was very impressed by that. Unfortunately, that means that if you are a taller rider (6 feet or taller) you may feel too cramped on this motorcycle.

The Yamaha virago is one of the most expensive beginner motorcycles in the 250 class, but after you start it up and hear the rumble it makes you will be able khổng lồ see why. That small engine really puts out a very nice sound, especially when you open it up a little. And that’s one really great reason I love sầu smaller bikes even though I’m an experienced riders. You can open the throttle all the way on this virago without immediately going warp speed like you would on a 600cc bike. I always say, it can be a lot more fun riding a ‘slow’ xe đạp fast, than a fast xe đạp slow!

Virago 250 Gets Great Gas Mileage

This would be a perfect starter bike for anyone that doesn’t have enough experience lớn jump right on a Yamaha Shadow or V-star, but they still want that classic cruiser look. One thing lớn mention is the fantastic gas mileage you get out of this motorcycle.

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Most people will get over 70 miles per gallon with normal riding, & if you really work on saving gas I’ve sầu heard of people getting around 90mpg!That’s impressive sầu no matter how you slice it!

Chances are if you sign up at a MSF course you may even get a chance khổng lồ ride this xe đạp like I did. That might be a great way to lớn ‘try before you buy’, while at the same time learning all the basics of riding. Chechồng out the motorcycle riding courses in your area.


Best looking & sounding cruiser style 250 motorcycle!Awesome fuel efficiency coming in at 70+ mpg.Low seat height great for smaller riders.


So lightweight you may get blown around on the freeway.The stoông xã mirrors are practically useless.One of the most expensive 250 class motorcycles.


Engine: 249cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 60 degree V-twinDisplacement: 249ccBore & Stroke: 49mm x 66mmFuel System: 26mm Mikuni carburetorCompression Ratio: 10.0:1Miles Per Gallon:Seat Height: 27.0 in.Wheelbase: 58.7 inWeight: 302 lbs. dryMiles Per Gallon: 70+

Yamaha Virago 250 Videos

While we don’t bởi Clip nhận xét ourselves (scared we will have sầu an accident while concentrating on talking) we did find some great đoạn phim reviews of the Yamaha Virago 250 on Youtube by two handy Motovloggers.


This is a review of a 2003 Yamaha Virago 250. Just like we argued about, this reviewer agrees that this is “one of the best looking cruiser motorcycles available in the 250cc class”. He rides the xe đạp and give sầu you his impressions. He takes the bike khổng lồ the top of Cypress Mountain which is really cool. His final view:

Overall, I love the styling & fuel efficiency of this xe đạp but wish there was more power on tap. In comparison, this Virago is already able to go 10 lớn 15kph faster than the GZ250 (my first bike) và has a nice vtwin sound. However if you rev it out it does sound lượt thích a lawnmower.

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Max Speed Media

In this đoạn phim đánh giá the guys from Max Speed Media take the Yamaha 250 khổng lồ it’s limits to determine how fast it can go. Good, old fashioned 0-60mph time kind of stuff.

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