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Professional Custom Software Development


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Design và Development

We develop software products from prototyping lớn deployment & testing on various platforms such as Web, Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.


Consulting Services

We can evaluate your existing business systems and determine the software you need to reach your business goals. We can also help you to lớn develop your software efficiently


Big Data Services

We can help your organization khổng lồ store & process data coming from various sources lượt thích databases, files, Clip streams, images, audio, and social networks effectively

Better, Cheaper, Faster

Our highly experienced team guarantee better chất lượng, lower costs & faster delivery


Creating Real Values

We are dedicated to create real values for our clients. We see business as a partnership và we care about your business as much as you care.

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Effective sầu Communication

We keep our clients informed about their projects regularly. We pair with you for effective sầu collaboration and smooth knowledge sharing.

In-house Research &Development

We research & develop the most innovative technologies to deliver software faster, with improved performance, và at a lower cost.

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Happy Clients

Our goal is lớn keep our clients satisfied và happy. We are picky about choosing the clients, but we would lượt thích khổng lồ build a svào relationship with them.

thitruongxemay.com Phone: +1 (469) 567 0102 Text: +1 (469) 567 0102


18383 Gallery Dr, Apt 3108 Dallas, Texas 75252 United States

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