When a Điện thoại tư vấn Leads You into Extreme Environments, Make Sure Your Focus is Uncompromised

Effortless Is Always in ReachAPX NEXT XE is designed for effortless usability when everything is on the line. Oversized intuitive sầu controls are easily distinguished by touch. A mission-critical touchscreen makes it fast và easy khổng lồ operate your radio. ViQi understands a huge range of voice commands, so you can operate the radio with eyes-up awareness. Every interaction is simple, fast và logical. You stay focused on what matters — your hotline, your crew và your safety.

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Bringing New Intelligence To The Point Of EngagementAPX NEXT XE application services bring new intelligence to lớn the field — right inlớn your hands. Additions such as ViQi, SmartMessaging, SmartMapping, và SmartLocate rapidly give sầu firefighters vital information, from pinpoint location details khổng lồ important multimedia to lớn improve situational awareness. And as part of our chất lượng, end-to-over public safety ecosystem, APX NEXT XE data and operations are secure, và new capabilities can be seamlessly added as your needs evolve sầu.

Provision và Update Your Fleet In Minutes, Not MonthsAPX NEXT XE gives you baông chồng time: a cloud-based provisioning system allows you lớn prepare radgame ios before they arrive sầu. Remote updating keeps radgame ios in the field, with zero touch và zero downtime. MyView Portal provides direct access khổng lồ subscriptions, warranties and licenses, và a range of services helps you manage your operation. With APX NEXT XE, your ownership experience is streamlined, so your firefighters stay focused và ready.

ViQi Voice ControlOperate your radio using simple voice commands.

While it’s easy lớn change settings on your APX NEXT™ radio using the traditional hard controls or the touchscreen soft controls, there are situations where you need to lớn keep your eyes up and stay focused on your environment.

Using ViQi Voice Control, you can operate the radio with your voice. From switching channel and zone, khổng lồ adjusting the volume, lớn changing your audio profile, all you need lớn bởi is press & hold the ViQi button, và speak inlớn the mic.

There are 13 available actions, each accessible using several intuitive sầu commands. With multiple options, you’ll find a ViQi command to suit you.

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ViQi Voice Control is optimized for public safety situations, & performs well in high-noise environments. The 3-dot buttons on the APX NEXT radio & RSM are configured as the ViQi button by default. Through RadioCentral™, the ViQi function can be assigned to any other programmable control except the purple “monitor” button.

Motorola APX NEXT XE Features

Built Ultra-Rugged, Inside & Out3.6” Mission-critical TouchscreenLTE, Wi-Fi & Công nghệ Bluetooth for ultra-connectivityDesigned và tested for extreme ruggednessBuilt-in GNSS (GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS)Exaggerated hard controls, protected against accidental activationApplication platform, for advanced capabilitiesEnhanced audio for louder, clearer voiceThe power to lớn endure: 12 hours of battery lifeNew antennas improve sầu comfort và wearabilityExceptional ergonomics, for high-ức chế situations

Motorola APX NEXT Featured Applications

ViQi Virtual AssistantWith ViQi at your side, it’s faster & easier khổng lồ run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding lớn the most critical situations. And the intelligence that keeps responders safe is moved khổng lồ the field, faster than ever.

SmartProgrammingYour radgame ios should be in the field, not in the siêu thị. SmartProgramming enables you to lớn update your APX NEXT radquả táo with zero touch. Encryption keys & software patches can be automatically pushed via broadband.

SmartLocateYour officers never need lớn be alone, even while on lone patrol. SmartLocate on APX NEXT provides location updates every few seconds, so you always know where your team is, while freeing critical capađô thị of your P25 system for other uses.

SmartConnectStay connected to your P25 radio system even when outside of P25 coverage. SmartConnect maintains your P25 voice và data communications by automatically switching between P25 & broadb&.

Motorola APX NEXT Accessories

Featured APX NEXT Smart Radio AccessoriesExpvà và customize your radio’s functionality with a suite of accessories designed & optimized for APX NEXT so you can focus forward.

XV Remote Speaker MicrophoneWith four digital microphones and the largest, clearest speaker we’ve sầu ever produced, the Xtreme Voice (XV) Remote Speaker Microphone is the next generation mission-critical RSM designed lớn deliver the clearest & loudest audio communications. 

Leather Carry CaseThe professional elegance of formed leather complemented with a durable, impact-resistant plastic unite to provide a never before seen carry solution for APX NEXT. 

IMPRES™ 2 High Capađô thị BatteryYou may run out of energy before your battery does! Powered by IMPRES™ 2 batteries augmented with energy management intelligence, APX NEXT extends your lifeline a full shift or beyond.

View the Motorola Original Accessories for the Motorola APX NEXT

Motorola APX NEXT Downloads & Resources


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