2021 Mazda 3 Hatchback



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Pre-production Mazda3 2.5 Turbo Hatchback shown with Premium Plus Package & accessories.


Remote Operations

Start your engine, và lock và unlock doors remotely using the MyMazda app through your smart phone.12


Vehicle Finder

Forgot where you parked your car? The MyMazda phầm mềm pins your location on its map and provides the exact location of where you parked.12

Mazda CX-30 shown


Vehicle Health Report

The MyMazda phầm mềm will proactively notify you when something may need your attention. Find out when your fuel, oil, lights or tire pressure needs khổng lồ be checked or when it’s time for service before possible mishaps on the road.12


Check your Mazda"s Status

Designed to help you plan your trips, the MyMazda phầm mềm lets you kiểm tra fuel, odometer, tire pressure và other vehicle conditions before you head out for a drive.12

Mazda CX-30 shown

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Premium Plus Package available only with Mazda3 2.5 Turbo. Available late 2020. The illustrations displayed are for feature explanation only. They are neither technically accurate nor lớn scale.


Traffic Jam Assist

Remove some of the găng from your daily commute with Traffic Jam Assist13 which enhances the Mazda3’s Mazda Radar Cruise Control with low-speed steering assist at speeds of up to 40 mph.

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Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Parking becomes easy with the Mazda3’s easy-to-use front & rear parking sensors11. A warning will sound when the sensors detect you’re close to an object and increase in frequency as you get closer.


360° View Monitor

Experience greater awareness in every direction with the 360° View Monitor.10 By using small cameras mounted on the front, back and sides of the car, the available 360° View Monitor displays various views around the car on the Mazda Connect™ screen.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert và Smart Brake Support–Rear Crossing

When backing up, available Rear Cross Traffic Alert8 helps detect a vehicle approaching from the side and promptly alerts the driver with an audible warning, as well as a visual warning, in either side mirror and the rearview camera display. If the system predicts an impact, models equipped with Smart Brake Support–Rear Crossing14 can automatically brake khổng lồ help avoid an accident.

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