You can trust thitruongxemay.com to ensure your money arrives safely & securely with your recipient – and we always aim to lớn get your money moving as quickly as possible.

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Once you confirm your money transfer, you"ll see the expected payment date. This is an estimate of the earliest timeyour payment can be sent và not a guarantee. If your money is delayed more than 24 hours beyond the expected date and you’re concerned, tương tác us at the bottom of this page.

Rest assured, we"ll always try lớn skết thúc your money as quickly as possible lớn your recipient. Your transfer may be subject to delays at each of the following stages:

Stage one: Receiving your money

The first is the simple process of us receiving your money. While some transfers can take just minutes, some can take a little longer khổng lồ arrive sầu with us.

This, for example, could be the result of your selected payment method as some banks send their transfers at the kết thúc of the working day.

From this point, it can take between 0-3 days for your money lớn reach us.

If speed is important to lớn you, we"d always recommkết thúc settling with us via card, which provides a much faster transaction time.

Stage two: Clearing your funds

To thitruongthitruongxemay.commay.com keep you safe, we must have sầu cleared your funds before your payment can be sent on khổng lồ the recipient.

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These funds need khổng lồ have sầu been cleared before our daily cut-off point. If we don’t receive & clear your funds before this time, your transfer might be delayed.

Stage three: Sending your money

Once we"ve sầu received and cleared your funds, we can then skết thúc them on. This will take anywhere between 1-4 working days, and is also subject to the efficiency of your recipient"s ngân hàng.


Get more information with the thitruongxemay.com app

With our thitruongxemay.com ứng dụng, we"ll also skết thúc you a push notification at each stage of your transfer so you know where your funds are, & you can also traông chồng the progress of your transfer.

App users are presented with a little bit moreinformation about whenmoney should be delivered, not just sent out.

When selecting your payment method, you’ll be presented with some timescales. These represent the earliest possibledelivery times once we’ve sầu received your funds.

The time it takes to deliver your money khổng lồ your recipient will depkết thúc on the route it takes, the currencies you"re converting from and to lớn (currency pairs) & the payment method selected.

We"d recommend using the thitruongxemay.com app lớn trachồng your transfer. Simply cliông chồng on the relevant button below khổng lồ download it.

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