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- High Màu sắc Temperature (5600°K)- CERMAX® Collimated- Xenon Lamp- Brightness Control (0 - 100%)- Portable và Lightweight

The ASB-XE-175 is a compact và light weight high intensity fiber optic light source. It is especially suitable as a light source for spectroscopy, microscopy, optical scanning, and industrial uses, as well as for use with SP's popular Digikröm monochromators và spectrographs. The ASB-XE-175 uses a CERMAX® compact high intensity xenon lamp, state of the art optics & a high efficiency lightweight switching power supply in one compact package. The 175W short-arc xenon lamp provides broadb& output from 200 to 2200nm (dominantly, from 250 lớn 1100nm). This lamp is compact, rugged, and easily focused khổng lồ a liquid light guide (sold separately). The lamp efficiency is enhanced by the integral parabolic reflector which provides precision system alignment & maximum transition of light energy. Beam stability is achieved instantly following lamp ignition và the ASB-XE-175 provides instant re-ignition without an imposed time delay.



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Type: CERMAX® LX-175-FPower: 200W (max.)Power nguồn Range: 150 - 200WMàu sắc Temperature: 5600°KCurrent: 14A DC (nominal)Average Life: Typically 1000 hours (500 hours minimum)

Voltage: 12V - 17V (14V nominal)Trigger Voltage: 25kVBoost Voltage: 140 - 200VCurrent Leakage: ASB-XE-175-BF: Ozone blocking
3trăng tròn ~ 700nmASB-XE-175-BFEX: NIR extended và Ozone blocking
320 ~ 2200nm (dominant
3đôi mươi ~ 1100nm)

Weight7.5lbs (3.4kg)
Input Line95 - 136 VAC50 / 60Hz (only)
Input Current3.5A
EnvironmentOperating: +6 to lớn +45°CStorage: -40 khổng lồ +70°C
Front PanelBrightness Control (0 - 100%)Output đầu ra Aperture
Side PanelMain Power nguồn (ON / OFF switch)Line Cord Jachồng (IEC 320)(US to IEC Line Cord included)Fuse Holder - MDL-5
CautionDamage khổng lồ glass or fused silica fiber optic lightguides can occur due to high temperatures associated with Xenon lamps.Please use our liquid light guides (order separately)

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