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Italian manufacturer Fantic Motor has launched the 2021 XE 125 và XX 125 off-road two-stroke motorcycles – all the new mã sản phẩm details, technical specifications and prices revealed.

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The new off-road range from Fantic Motor is finally ready khổng lồ enter the dealer showrooms. Following their dramatic unveiling at the November 2019 at EICMA motorcycle show, the new XE 125 (enduro) & XX 125 (motocross) models have been launched khổng lồ the press in Europe ahead of their late summer 20trăng tròn availability.

Fantic’s new “New Racing Era” caught our eyes here at not least because the bikes looked the business at EICMA – these are genuine 125 two-strokes with proven engine & chassis combination born from a collaboration with Yamaha Motor Europe.

New XE & XX 125 Model launch video:

Fantic’s new enduro Mã Sản Phẩm in detail

Fantic XE 125 2T Enduro is a “perfect synergy between agility, versatility, performance, and ease of use” so says the Italian company. The new Fantic XE 125 Enduro, they say, is a capable bike, ikhuyến mãi for both amateurs và racers who want khổng lồ fight at the top of their respective competition series.


The bedroông xã for the new XE 125 Model is the reliability, versatility and performance of the Yamaha engine, combined with dynamics, riding position and handling of the same Yamaha chassis & KYB suspension.

The power unit it the Yamaha 125cc liquid-cooled, two-stroke single cylinder engine.Though shared with the XX (motocross version), the XE 125 features a specific designed cylinder-head with a lower compression ratio and the CDI control unit with dedicated mapping for enduro use. It is also equipped with an oversized generator khổng lồ supply a 12V battery.

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Yamaha chassis, KYB suspension và Nissin brakes


The chassis of the new XE 125 is an aluminium semi-double cradle familiar lớn any Yamaha models also. Fitted with the highly regarded Kayaba (KYB) 48milimet SSS (Speed Sensitive sầu System) forks, with 300milimet of travel, Fantic’s Racing department have arrived at the enduro settings which are adaptable to lớn various riding styles from beginners or professionals. The KYB monoshock has 315mm wheel travel & like the forks is adjustable for preload, compression và rebound.

The Nissin braking components offer proven power and control (found on other enduro models) both front và rear, with 250milimet & 245mm discs/rotors respectively.

Arrow exhaust system


Spicing up the look và the off-road capabilities is the exhaust system developed in collaboration with Arrow again specifically for the enduro Mã Sản Phẩm. The development centred around a new expansion chamber designed particularly to lớn improve sầu low rpm performance. The result is “remarkable torque at low rpm” and “excellent rider feedback even in the most technical and challenging sections” Fantic say.

The slyên ổn silencer meets noise emissions but is set for racing to lớn deliver power và linear traction, without “unnecessarily power peaks” to lớn manage. The silencer is manufactured with a new development in sound deadening material và is approximately 100milimet longer than that of the XX model’s version.

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Fantic say the nine-litre fuel tank is amongst the largest in the 125 enduro category & delivers great range for a smaller capacity xe đạp. It is also slender và allows room for the rider’s legs. The radiator covers “guarantee movement and control” plus the seat has a high grip cover và leads toa. Neatly designed rear fender. Fantic say the standard LED headlight ensures great visibility even at night.

To prove sầu the point these bikes work between the tapes, at round two of the Italian Enduro Championship last weekover (August 1+2) Fantic riders were setting the pace in the 125 and Junior classes.Italian Enduro: Wil Ruprecht tops results in Carsoli

Technical specifications:

Engine: Single-cylinder 2-stroke with intake reed valve and exhaust YPVS

Displacement: 125cc

Carburetor: Mikuni ø38

Bore: 54 mm

Stroke: 54.5 mm

Compression ratio: 7.4 ~ 8.8 : 1

Ignition system: CDI

Starting system: Kickstarter

Lubrication system: Premix

Trasmission: six-speed, 13-50 gear ratio

Clutch: Wet, multiple-disc

Chassis: Aluminum semày double cradle

Caster angle: 26.8°

Trail: 116 mm

Rear frame: Aluminum

Swingarm: Aluminum with variable section & progressive sầu link

Rims: 21 x 1.60 – 18 x 2.15

Tyres: 90/90 x 21 - 120/90 x 18

Brakes: Hydraulic disc ø250milimet - Hydraulic disc ø245mm

Front suspension: KYB ø48milimet, fully adjustable, wheel travel 300mm

Rear suspension: KYB, fully adjustable, wheel travel 315mm

Length: 2140mm

Width: 825mm

Height: 1285mm

Seat height: 955mm

Wheelbase: 1455mm

Curb weight: 96kg

Fuel tank capacity: 9.0 l Engine oil quantity: 0.7 l

Anticipated MSRPhường. for the Fantic XE 125 ENDURO is £7450/€8300 (XX 125 Cross is £6990/€7500)

More information including prices and availability in your country:

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