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Thanks for visiting the Ide Honda trang web. We are a local family owned and operated Honda Dealership in Rochester, NY. If you’re looking for a new honda for sale in Rochester or usedhonda for sale in Penfield, we’d be happy lớn help! We also can help you with Penfield area service & maintenance on your vehicle. If you need tires, brakes… or even a wiper blade, we can help with that too. Basically, we’re your 1 stop cửa hàng for all of your automotive sầu needs.

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So, when you’re in the market for your next oto in Rochester, please come visit us at Ide Honda & give sầu us the opportunity to earn your business. Ahh, gotta love sầu that new car smell! It’s exciting to get the keys khổng lồ your new car… well, at least it should be.Hondomain authority Accord lease specials, Honda CR-V lease specials, và Hondomain authority Civic lease specials are location in Penfield near Rochester.

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Unfortunately, sometimes this can get ruined by a bad oto buying experience. That’s not right!

Well, at Ide Honda, we strive sầu lớn make oto buying easy và fun for you every step of the way. The way it should be! We have a simple approach, listen khổng lồ your needs, get you the information you’re looking for, và get you a great deal on a oto you’re going lớn love sầu. We don’t pressure you, & we don’t play games. It’s that simple.

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Don’t just take our word for it, read all the Ide Hondomain authority review.

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Brad Constantino deserves 10000x more than just five sầu stars! Brad was incredibly knowledgeable, kind và went above sầu and beyond to lớn make sure I was taken care of. My lease on another vehicle at a different dealership was coming to lớn và kết thúc và Brad went out of his way khổng lồ make sure it went smoothly for me - at another dealership! There was never any pressure, và with my chất lượng situation he was very understanding & really went out of my way to lớn make sure my needs were met during and now even after the process. I purchased my CRV from ...

I have purchased several cars from Ide Honda and I have sầu been happy with the service and very happy with every car I bought there. My recent purchase was with Brad Constantino. Brad was so helpful và accommodating during the purchase process. After the purchase he stressed the fact that if I had any questions at all or needed anything that he would be happy to lớn help me. That was important to lớn me to have that personal response after the sale was completed. If I were to lớn purchase another oto, I would certainly look khổng lồ Brad. I couldn't be ...


We have worked with Brad Constantino for many, many years. We recently needed to lớn purchase a vehicle for our youngest daughter who is in college. I contacted Brad to keep an eye open for vehicles that met our requirements. He quickly responded with 2 or 3 vehicles that met our safety, reliability and financial criteria. Brad is awesome he always makes purchasing our vehicles bít tất tay không tính tiền. He listens and works with us based on our needs a the time. This is our 11th vehicle purchased with Ide and with Brad. We keep coming baông chồng because of the Hondomain authority chất lượng but more importantly ...

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