Bảng Giá Xe Piaggio 2021 Và Thng Tin Mới Tháng 9/2021


After more than five years operating in Vinh Phuc, Piaggio Vietphái mạnh Co., Ltd (Binc Xuyen Industrial Park) has overcome difficulties & achieved many important awards for sản phẩm chất lượng và gained consumer trust in many countries worldwide, marking an important step in developing the global strategy of Piaggio Group.

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In 2014, Piaggio Vietnam Co., Ltd manufactured và assembled 104,363 motorcycles with the estimated revenue of USD 264.39 million.

Being at Piaggio Vietnam giới Co. Ltd in the first producing day of the year, we felt the urgent air of all staffs and employees with the new confidence, new determination and new spirit. It is known that in order khổng lồ achieve objectives of 2015, from 1- 31 March năm ngoái, Piaggio Vietphái nam in collaboration with Joint Stochồng Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam giới - Vietcombank will bring an attractive incentive program with the interest rate of 0% khổng lồ help customers join the elite of Italy - Vespa làm đẹp & Liberty.

Starting in Vietnam giới in 2007, after 2 years, Piaggio Vietphái nam officially put the first factory in operation, which assembling the scooters, motorcycles with the scale of 50,000 - 100,000 motorcycles/year, marking an important step in developing the global strategy of Piaggio. With the preferential supporting policies from the province, along with the dynamic work, enhancing investing in the core, outstanding features; expanding the wide sale network in the markets; improving the sản phẩm towards fuel economy, emission reduce; developing the products with reasonable price ... helped Piaggio Vietphái nam quickly dominate the most market of the high-up scooter with the domestic production. With Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Primavera và Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Sprint (two lachạy thử products were introduced in Vietphái nam và Italy), Vespa làm đẹp LXV, Vespa làm đẹp GTS, Piaggio Liberty, Piaggio Fly, Piaggio Zip. All hàng hóa lines are equipped with the lathử nghiệm generation equipment with the 3-valve engine with the fuel consumption and emission significantly reduced compared khổng lồ the previous engine series. These are strategic factors for the market- where the brand of Vespa làm đẹp has become a symbol of lifestyle aước ao youth. Production of 95,194 engines, up 1% compared lớn 2013. The revenue reached USD 264.39 million, up 1% compared to 2013. The export value reached USD 123.19 million. The industrial production value reached VND 5155.06 billion submitting to the State budget VND 369.98 billion and creating jobs for 859 employees. Currently, Piaggio well developed the system of agents with 98 domestic suppliers; 78 foreign suppliers, the localization rate of 89% for Vespa làm đẹp and 84% for Piaggio Liberty.

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After 5 years in production, Piaggio Vietphái nam has shipped 400,000 vehicles in 6/năm trước và distributed in all major markets in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific such as Vietphái nam, Indonesia, Japan, Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippine, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Trung Quốc and etc. A small number of motorcycles with the small engines are exported lớn the markets in the EU & the US.

To meet consumers’ needs, in 2012, Piaggio successfully studied & introduced to lớn the market the superior 3-valve sầu engine - an engine generation is represented for a technological leap in the world of scooters with the excellent performance, minimum fuel consumption và minimum emissions. Currently, in addition to lớn the launch of two new models: Vespa làm đẹp Primavera & Vespa làm đẹp Sprint in order lớn replace the line of Vespa làm đẹp LX, Piaggio Vietphái mạnh has invested lớn raise the capacity lớn 300,000 vehicles / year & boosted the exports about 30,000 vehicles / year to lớn the markets of the ASEAN countries, Korea, nước Australia, United States, India, Taiwan & Europe. In 2014, the company produced, assembled 104,363 motorcycles, including 56,151 vehicles sold in the country; exported 48,212 vehicles, an increase of 6% compared khổng lồ 2013, accounting for 46% of vehicles of the company.

Under the plan, the period of 2014-2017, Piaggio Vietphái mạnh will boost exporting the motorcycles with the important markets such as Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, và Singapore; at the same time, entering inkhổng lồ the high-up motorcycle market in Đài Loan Trung Quốc with the products with medium và large engines.

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