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At first glance, the 2014 Vespa làm đẹp Primavera, announced yesterday at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, appears lớn be a mostly aesthetic update of its predecessor, the LX series. Underneath the cowls, however, there are a number of improvements in design và engineering that distinguish the new Model from the old. Beyond the styling, the technology & engineering represent the biggest evolutionary leap in the mid-kích cỡ Vespas since the ET was introduced in 2000.

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The angular, beveled cowls of the 946 (left) & Primavera.(Scale is approximate.)

The most obvious changes from the LX are in the styling of the Primavera. Many of the cues và the move from round khổng lồ angled are borrowed from the new Vespa làm đẹp 946, the company’s high-dollar, limited-edition showpiece. In many ways, the Primavera is the practical version of the 946, with the more excessive kiến thiết features scaled baông xã và the addition of storage, better passenger space & a price tag far below $10,000. (Final pricing has not yet been announced; we anticipate it will be slightly higher than the current LX series.)

Not only does the Primavera have the storage the 946 lacks, it offers more & better storage than its predecessor. The underseat space is larger thanks khổng lồ the relocation of the battery khổng lồ under the floorboards. That means the ability to lớn stash bigger helmets và more groceries under the seat. The glovebox has also been improved thanks khổng lồ simple plastic enclosures to lớn keep items from falling out. This has been a kiến thiết flaw (or “challenge,” at least) in new Vespas for over a decade. Glad they’ve worked it out.


The Primavera (left) gauges more closely resemble the “clamshell” style of vintage Vespas than the LX (right).

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The biggest change in the Primavera is the new 3-Valve (3V) engine, first unveiled in the Vespa 946. This has been available in LX models sold overseas for the past model year, but not the US version of the LX. (The US version of the 2013 Piaggio Fly does have sầu the 3V engine, though.) Without getting into the technical details, the completely new motor is stronger, faster and more efficient than its predecessor. These are the spoils of retìm kiếm and development: a lighter engine that gets better gas mileage, puts out more power yet requires less maintenance. Other companies (particularly Honda) have made some good strides in improving engine efficiency & output in recent years. Over the past decade, Vespa’s 125cc/150cc engines have had some modest upgrades, including the move lớn fuel injection, but nothing as substantial as this.

The Primavera has a number of other performance và handling upgrades. The transmission has been redesigned và features a new clutch and a system to maximize power output & fuel economy at lower RPMs and speeds. Though no specific technical details are yet available Vespa claims the transmission is designed lớn “to reduce engine rotations when shifting up from a low gear to lớn a high one,” which may mean a new type of variator. In addition, the front suspension is all new. The rear tire has been bumped from a 10″ to an 11″ which will improve sầu stability & allows a larger rear drum brake.

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The full specs, as currently available, for the Primavera & current LX (US version) are in the table below. Improvements và changes for the Primavera are in red. thitruongxemay.com will have further information, including pricing & availability, when available.

*Some specs are unavailable for the Primavera, so we used based Vespa’s estimates for the Piaggio Fly 3V. As the Fly’s weight and other specs aren’t the same as the Primavera, MPG is likely different, but still significantly higher than the earlier LX models. 

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