Smart car plus gsxr equals “smartuki,” a very smart car


The engine automatically stops when idle & silently starts when the optimal conditions are met in manual & automatic transmission. This helps in increasing fuel efficiency.

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Braking charges the Lithium-ion battery, which in return assists the engine" idle start-stop & the torque assist functions.


The energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery provides torque assist to lớn the engine during acceleration providing an enhanced driving experience.





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XL6 Blogs

Created to lớn Inspire Comfort & Style

The XL6 has been designed keeping in mind your diverse lifestyle demands, and integrates style, luxury, & comfort. From its powerful exterior khổng lồ premium interior, everything about this premium MPV feels just right

";"> NEXA XL6 - 6 Things You Must Know About This MPV

Crafted to lớn impress, the NEXA XL6 is a testament lớn style, comfort, and space.

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We, at NEXA, truly believe sầu in creating and inspiring the world by offering innovative sầu experiences.

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";"> It’s One Year of Feeling Just Right with the XL6

Stylish, spacious và comfortable. The XL6, a premium MPV from NEXA, offers the right balance of an impressive stance, superior comfort and high-end features.

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Yes, NEXA XL6 is available with an advanced Automatic Transmission (AT) that enhances your driving comfort without compromising on the performance. The XL6 also comes with the option of a 5-Speed manual transmission.

The NEXA XL6 not only looks bold but drives great as well. Its K15B 1.5L petrol engine produces 77 kW of max power & 138 Nm of max torque. This power and torque produced by the XL6 ensure strong drivability & performance.

Yes, the Smart Hybrid công nghệ is available in both the Zeta and Alpha variants of NEXA XL6. The công nghệ offers features such as Idle Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration & Torque Assist for an enhanced driving experience in the XL6.

XL6 Technology

Innovation drives us at NEXA. While designing the NEXA XL6, we ensured that it inspires new experiences with its host of technologically advanced features.Apart from its stylish looks và comfortable interiors, the NEXA XL6 comes with the Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology that powers its every move. The Next Generation Smart Hybrid Technology coupled with a powerful BSVI compliant engine ensures a power-packed performance. A lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid battery help regenerate energy và increase its fuel efficiency. The energy stored in the lithium-ion battery provides torque assist lớn the engine at the time of acceleration, delivering a better driving experience. As a result, the Maruti Suzuki XL6 delivers great mileage và ensures a smooth driving experience every time you take it out for a drive. The experience turns futuristic as one enters this exclusive 6-seater. Connect your phone to the Smartplay Studio and enter a world of entertainment and connectivity. You can Điện thoại tư vấn, message, navigate, play your favourite music, & more with just a touch or voice commands, enhancing your comfort.The Multi-Information Display adds to lớn your convenience as it helps you monitor this premium MPV’s vital information including fuel consumption, Smart Hybrid energy flow, trip details, driving range and gear shift indicator (MT). In addition, the Steering Mounted Controls enable you to lớn control audio & Điện thoại tư vấn your loved ones with the touch of a single button.The intuitive sầu giải pháp công nghệ in the premium MPV makes for an easy và comfortable experience. While you ride the XL6, Automatic Transmission with Hill Hold Assist & Electronic Stability Program (ESP) ensures your drives are not only smoother but also a lot safer for an all-round experience. While the Hill Hold Assist helps prsự kiện the oto from rolling baông chồng, ESP.. provides better control. So, each time you take the NEXA XL6 on the road, you experience unmatched safety và comfort.The XL6 also comes with Cruise Control that lets you pick any cruising tốc độ above sầu 40km/h, making your drives feel effortless. The Auto AC helps maintain optimum cabin temperature, thus ensuring that you have a pleasant và comfortable driving experience.With intelligent công nghệ built inlớn this exclusive sầu 6-seater, the NEXA XL6 assures an unparalleled experience by taking care of your utmost comfort & convenience.

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