Compare bmw s 1000 rr vs suzuki gsx r1000

2017 Superxe đạp Comparison Test: BMW S1000RR vs Aprilia RSV4 RR vs Suzuki GSX-R1000R vs Kawasaki ZX-10R

Photos by Dave Beaudoin, Heather Bashow, and Didier Constant

At the top of the motorcycle food chain there is a breed of bikes that follow a similar pattern. With around 1,000 cc; low, angled handle bars; full fairing; and high, back-set foot controls; these are the big sharks in the pool.

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Superbikes are proof that God wanted us to ride motorcycles.

They go by many names, and all of them are spoken in hushed tones: sport bike, litre xe đạp, superbike. Murdercycle.

These bikes instill fear, respect, and awe.

There are some who believe sầu that the days of the litre xe đạp are numbered: Insurance premiums, competing interests, & even an influx of exciting, cheaper, & more accessible motorcycles all being blamed for this downturn in superxe đạp sales.

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And no, you can’t reach their full potential on the road; & yes, 90 percent of us won’t even come cthua trận on the track – but that’s not the point.

Superbikes are proof that God wanted us khổng lồ ride motorcycles.

Which is why, through all the doom và gloom, the best in the business keep producing ever faster, ever better, and ever more desirable bikes at the very highest echelons of motorcycledom.

So let’s be serious: Litre bikes will exist until they legislate them out of existence, because they are brilliant. So in this hyper-competitive sầu environment, which one deserves your attention?

For this test, we teamed up with’s Didier Constant, a long-time reviewer & avid racer – including on the European endurance circuit. He brought with hlặng fellow contributors Patrick Laurin & Alain Paquin, as well as our photographer, Dave Beaudoin.

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Assembled in the paddoông xã at Calabogie Motorsports Park were four of the best & brighchạy thử from the flagship motorcycle class: the 2017 Kawasaki ZX-10R, with its violent, screeching engine và angry looking visage; the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R, all new, all improved, all ready khổng lồ rumble; the razor-sharp Aprilia RSV4 RR, which weaponizes Italian flair và stands alone as a V4 maverick; và, finally, the BMW S1000RR, which brings Germanic engineering efficiency lớn bear in full force against these challengers. Sadly, neither the new Hondomain authority CBR1000RR or Yamaha R1 were available. 

There are no losers here. Sure, we rank them, because that’s the job, but each of these four approaches its mission in a different way, & each will appeal to different riders for different reasons. By the kết thúc, you’ll have sầu an understanding of which xe đạp is most likely lớn crachồng your face wide open in a smile, and which will rise up lớn complement your particular riding style the best.

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