Made from’s signature manufacturing engineering, designed for the Philippine roads, built for the Filipinos – the rough road raider for adventure across borders.

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Dubbed as the Underbone King, the Raider R150 Carb is always the choice of all riders with the need for speed, power & performance with the option lớn add more throug...

The premium R150 in Fuel Injection is the symbol of’s commitment to lớn bring its motorcycles to the pinnacle of fame – worthy lớn be called superior in its class.

The No. 1 selling Underbone Leisure motorcycle in the Philippines, the well-loved Smash with proven reliability over the years now with a front-disc upgrade.

The No. 1 selling Underbone Leisure motorcycle in the Philippines, the well-loved Smash with proven reliability over the years because of its excellent performance.

A true reflection of’s legacy developed from the makers of Hayabusa và GSX-R. Built for Street, the Gixxer 250 is equipped with a newly developed engine in an ele

ExXhilarate your ride with the giải pháp công nghệ that has won 14 awards overseas with a Best Bike title, the Gixxer is a packed motorcycle that is well built & of great value.

Meet the revolutionary GSX-R150 with the best power-to-weight ratio & acceleration, with nimble handling và great fuel economy in the 150cc sportxe đạp category.

The streetfighter sibling in the GSX Series that is built for experienced riders who wish to lớn bring their riding experience khổng lồ another màn chơi.

Tatag at tibay, subok na panghanap-buhay! Ready khổng lồ meet your daily riding needs efficiently, economically and comfortably.

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A Premium và well-designed Maxi Scooter with a 125cc engine that has the perfect blkết thúc of sophisticated kiến thiết, comfort and practicality in an affordable price.

A first of its kind in the Philippine market – a scooter designed for the paved and unpaved roads that would offer a stylish, economical, convenient, sporty và durable

Ride in fashion và style, phối the trend with this the Skydrive Sport’s headturner looks và exceptional features complementing a rider’s fun, stylish & active lifestyle.

Experience tốc độ with functional beauty & convenience with the new SKYDRIVE 125 FI – driven by a robust và dependable 125cc Super CVT Fuel-Injected engine.

A global scooter designed lớn add dress khổng lồ your life. brings a fun and stylish ride that is packed with features which fit the Filipinos needs và more.

The new generation of V-Strom is ready to take you into lớn the wilderness and explore to lớn your heart’s content. Exploration has no limits with the master of adventure.

Forged to lớn perfection & engineered to provide maximum control và optimum performance. Feel the edge of the ride that is destined to lớn create a new legend

Ultimate Sport, in timeless styling. Over the last decade, the motorcycle has evolved while staying true khổng lồ its concept – the pinnacle of highperformance motorcycles.

From the DNA of a supersport legover comes the pure sport roadster. Own the streets with the GSX-S1000 that gives street performance a sharper edge.

All roads are yours. Climb aboard, turn the key & head out to lớn any road you choose. The SV650X is at home page on all of them - bringing café racer cool to lớn wherever you go.

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The pandemic has given us an environment where everything seemed to lớn restrict us from going on in our.

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