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The world's most versatile, powerful, high-dynamic USB & EtherCAT data acquisition system. Connect any signal and sensor. Packed with the lathử nghiệm DAQ công nghệ. Free DAQ software included.

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Powerful data processing computer& highly reliable SSD data logger for SIRIUS modular data acquisition systems for Smartphone và field demo và measurement applications.

Small and highly portable,USB powered 4-channel data acquisition system. SIRIUS mini offers a 160 dB dynamic rangevà is idealforvibration analysisandacoustic noise measurements.

SIRIUS XHS is a high-tốc độ data acquisition system (15 MS/s) with the newHybrid ADC technologycapable ofhigh-bandwidth transient recording and very high-dynamic, alias-không lấy phí data acquisition.

Modern data interfaces such as USB 3.0, GLAN, XCPhường, CAN, and OPC UA, with PTP synchronization allow for open và flexible connectivity.

Extremely rugged (IP67 degree of protection) và fully isolatedrugged data acquisition system for the most demanding testing in harsh environments. High-precision, high-dynamic, and high-bandwidth for all types of analog signals from IEPE lớn strain gages.

Compact, mobile, and portable data acquisition systems that feature a built-in data logger, powerful data processing computer, multi-touch display, and internal batteriesfor maximum portability.

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Rachồng mountable DAQ system built inlớn standard PC computer chassis and integrated SIRIUS data acquisition slices. Ready for simple and inexpensive tăng cấp of PC components.

Compact data acquisition system with up to 64 analog inputs, 32 counter inputs và 32 analog outputs with built-in high-performance, highly reliable data processing computer và SSD data logger.

High channel count data acquisition system with built-in data logger và powerful data processing computer, touch screen display (R8D)và internal batteries (R8B, R8DB) for maximum portability.

Versatile 8-channel data acquisition system and data logger with cutting edge signal conditioning at an attractive sầu price with analog, counter, & CAN inputs.

Award-winning and versatile 8-channelUSB data acquisition system with unmatched price/performance ratio & hand-sizefootprint. 8 universal analog inputs,8 digital/counter/encoder inputs, and two high-tốc độ CAN bus inputs.

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DSI adapters are TEDS IEEE 1451.4equipped sensor adapters that turn any of our DSUB9 universal analog đầu vào amplifiers into lớn direct IEPE, charge, thermocouple, shunt, voltage, LVDT or RTD đầu vào.

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