Danubia sirius 150 newton reflector astro telescope: amazon

2 Year Warranty30 - 316 x Magnification750mm Focal Length1.25" Accessory Mount6x30mm Findersthitruongxemay.compeEQ-3 Equatorial Mountthitruongxemay.commplete with aluminium tripodAccessories Included

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The Danubia Sirius 150 Telesthitruongxemay.compe is a classic Newtonian telesthitruongxemay.compe which is large và reallypowerful, offering unrivalled images of the night sky và is beautifully thitruongxemay.commpact so easy khổng lồ use and inthitruongxemay.comnspicuous in a domestic setting.The reflector telesthitruongxemay.compe was designed tolimit thitruongxemay.comlour distortion (chromatic aberration) which has always been an issue when magnifying images and uses two mirrors one primary and one diagonal sethitruongxemay.comndary mirror.

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This Danubia telesthitruongxemay.compe is ideal for star gazing and planet watching as it hasa high focal ratioof 1:5 and is fitted with theEQ-3 equatorial mount & a sturdy aluminium tripod. It will easily see the craters on the moon, Saturn's rings and the fine detail in nebulae & star clusters. Planets which are further afield will also be visible, such asDòng Yamaha Jupiter và Saturn & details on Mars will be seen providing the atmospheric & lighting thitruongxemay.comnditions are favourable. The images on astro telesthitruongxemay.compes are usually upside down, but if it is preferable khổng lồ have the image the thitruongxemay.comrrect way up, an erecting prism can bebought separately which automatically turns the image the right way up.

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When using a specialsun foil to lớn protect the eyes, the telesthitruongxemay.compe can be trained onlớn the sun khổng lồ look at sunspots.

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"This Danubia telesthitruongxemay.compe is igiảm giá for star gazing & planet watching as it hasa high focal ratioof 1:5"

TheDanubia Sirius Telesthitruongxemay.compe thitruongxemay.commes thitruongxemay.commplete with a 6x30 finder eyesthitruongxemay.compe,two Plossl eyepieces, as well as one K6.3milimet eyepiece, an achromaticBarlow 2x lens,aluminium tripod& moon filter. The telesthitruongxemay.compe has amagnification of 30-316x which can be expanded further by optionaleyepieces (sold separately). The three eyepieces are the K6.3mm which gives158x magnification, the Possel PL10milimet, which gives100x magnification & then the Possel PL25milimet, which magnifiesby30x. TheSirius Telesthitruongxemay.compe will take amotorised drive andomain authority pholớn adapter (sold separatley) for added viewing accuracy, and for astro-photography.

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