2017 sh 125 scooter honda motorcycle # honda

2017 Honda SH125i specifications, pictures, Review and rating

2017 Hondomain authority SH125i . Picture credits - Honda. Submit more pictures.
2017 Hondomain authority SH125i
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Honda"s profilation of this bike
The iconic Hondomain authority SH125i is a true testament khổng lồ this. Nimble & easy to lớn ride through thành phố traffic. Slender enough lớn slot into lớn the smallest parking space. It´s the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá jump on, go anywhere scooter around town.

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General informationEngine & transmission
Model:Honda SH125i
Rating: 3.0 View the detailed rating of value for money, kiến thiết & look, reliability, etc. Compare with any other bike.
Displacement:125.0 ccm (7.63 cubic inches)
Engine type:Single cylinder, four-stroke
Power:11.7 HPhường (8.5 kW))
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Touring capabilities for the 2017 Hondomain authority SH125i :
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