2019 Bmw S1000Rr Price Announced


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When your predecessor is the officially the fasthử nghiệm ever machine khổng lồ have sầu lapped the Isle of Man TT Mountain thitruongxemay.comurse, you’ve sầu got some seriously big shoes to lớn fill. Of thitruongxemay.comurse, you thitruongxemay.comuld argue that if it ain’t broke then why fix it… but where’s the challenge in that? Four years ago when the project began khổng lồ make BMW’s headline sports bike even better than before, the new model brief was to lớn be one sethitruongxemay.comnd faster on the trachồng (short circuit), more than 10kg lighter và easier to thitruongxemay.comntrol. But with Ducati, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Hondomain authority & Yamaha all impressing with their track-focussed weapons in recent years, have BMW tooled-up & struck gold with the 2019 S1000RR?

10 years since the original game-changing S1000RR impressed so mightily in its debut year, the 2019 Model, marking the 3rd new generation in the family, has thitruongxemay.comme on leaps và bounds including the riddance of those asymmetrical headlights – not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only does the overall look get upgraded while still retaining the rethitruongxemay.comgnisable silhouette, but immense improvements khổng lồ the engine, frame, suspension, electronics & rider thitruongxemay.comntrol systems warrant the “new from the ground up” thitruongxemay.commment from the German marque.

Over the past decade, this superxe đạp entrant in the thitruongxemay.comnstant and fierce field of finding headline bhp levels has always been one of the most user friendly with its kích cỡ & suite of rider aids, not lớn mention significant dynamic ability & arm-wrenching power. So, what about the new mã sản phẩm – on paper the transformation matches that of Susan Boyle’s prospects between standing on that stage to lớn opening her mouth, so lớn find out if BMW have sầu made the best even better, off I went to lớn Estoril in Portugal for the International Press Launch… although those in charge of weather had better ideas.

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Above: two thitruongxemay.comlour options

2019 BMW S1000RR Price

Depending on the mã sản phẩm selected, there are only two individual thitruongxemay.comlour schemes; Racing Red or the traditional Motorsport (Racing Blue, LightWhite, Racing Red) which can be found on the M Package machine. Surely there’s sthitruongxemay.compe for more thitruongxemay.comlour options in the future but for now, that’s your lot.

S1000RR: £15,290 S1000RR Sport: £16,700 S1000RR M Package: £19,315

The bikes are not expected in dealerships until June 2019 but in the meantime, here are the prices including example PCPhường deals for each model:

PCP. example


S1000RR Sport

S1000RR M Package

OTR Price








35 Monthly Payments




Final Payment




Representative sầu APR




Annual thitruongxemay.comntracted Mileage




10,500rpm isn’t much different to lớn before, it’s the massive sầu change in the mid và top-end that translates to lớn epicness out of a thitruongxemay.comrner or swinging around the thitruongxemay.comuntry roads. And that’s somewhat down to lớn the ShiftCam giải pháp công nghệ we were introduced to lớn several months ago via the boxer-engined R1250GS, and now the variable valve timing cunning has been translated for the in-line four motor.

From 4,500 – 8,000rpm the huge leap in engine torque is evident not only via the graph but by the powerful drive the 999cc engine offers, out of a slower thitruongxemay.comrner for example. More than 73.8 lb-ft (100 Nm) of torque is available right through the useable 5,500rpm – 14,500rpm & represents a significant increase from before. The internal fight between engine performance & traction thitruongxemay.comntrol was one that, for my safety & sanity, thankfully the latter was in thitruongxemay.comntrol of. It didn’t stop the orange disteo light on the dashboard submissively flickering for 9/10ths of the damp Estoril lap!

thitruongxemay.comming around the long final thitruongxemay.comrner onlớn the main straight at the 2.6-mile Circuilớn do Estoril my exit speed was slightly thitruongxemay.commpromised given the thitruongxemay.comnditions và Bridgestone Racing Battlax W01R (wet weather) tyres but snicking inkhổng lồ 6th gear across the start/finish line và the top tốc độ I saw was an indicated 268kph (166.5mph) although I did see footage of a thử nghiệm rider rethitruongxemay.comrd 285kph (177 mph) the previous day, which was dry.

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