Tất cả các mẫu xe mới

Adventure riders who want lớn explore Vietnam’s paths và trails at the kết thúc of the blacktop are turning their backs on the big bore, big price-tag models. Instead, they are looking to lớn the latest generation of smaller, more manageable, và far cheaper dualies. Enter, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, the best all-round motorbike tours in Vietnam.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Vietnam; bridging the gap between road and trail.

Choosing a dual-sport xe đạp for personal use is a lot different from picking one to lớn embark on a Vietnam motorbike tours. When you buy a xe đạp for yourself, you either assess your skills và requirements và buy accordingly or go entirely off the grid & buy on impulse. Read our post on why the Royal Enfield Himalayan is rugged, reliable và real-world here.

You are allowed neither of these options when you’re putting together a fleet of bikes capable of experiencing a good Vietnam motorbike tour.

More importantly, you need khổng lồ choose a bike that is reliable, tough and is highly user-friendly.

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People’s safety is paramount, & their enjoyment of the experience is key. This criterion means you need a xe đạp that doesn’t shine in one particular department. Being able khổng lồ deliver without fuss or fanfare, to lớn a point where all your senses are honed in on enjoying the ride, is far more important.

If you consider all these factors và load them into a search engine, the result would come back, Royal Enfield Himalayan. It’s that simple

Motorcycle manufacturers in a headlong panic about losing their baby boomer repeat buyers have listened too much to lớn overpaid truyền thông media spin-doctors. These industry experts identified the tech-savvy Millennials as the market they needed lớn woo aggressively.

As a result, small bikes became disposable, mid-sized bikes buzzy, and top-shelf models over-technical. All in an attempt lớn capture an audience that lives on their cell phones and experiences life through their social media account.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS & EFI give it enough tech to be reliable without making it intrusive

A lifelong relationship with the Himalayan

The Himalayan’s ABS and EFI gives it enough tech khổng lồ be reliable without making it intrusive. In comparison khổng lồ its Japanese and Italian counterparts, it may well be considered old fashioned. 

But consider the following questions. Are you more likely lớn develop a lifelong relationship with biking after owning a motorcycle that you can service, repair, & evolve with overtime? Or one that looks lượt thích an extra from a Judge Dread movie that needs a computer when the buttons stop working.

On a trip across Eurasia (read more about her adventures here) Noraly Schoemaker, also known as Itchyboots, found a bearing on a Kazakhstan market stall that allowed her to repair her Himalayan. Can you imagine the owner of some computer dominated adventure bike finding a Bedouin tribesman with a máy vi tính so he could tải về a patch for his traction control? No, me neither.

Onyabike Adventures Chooses the Himalayan

Make no mistake; the Himalayan is a very important bike, why? Because not only is it a tonic for technobike-itis, its low cost and robust reliability put control back in the hands of the rider. These factors make it ideal for any adventure rider in Vietnam wanting to embark on a motorbike tour. 

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