2021 vespa sprint 150 racing 60's

The Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Sprint certainly isn’t cheap, but it is an outstandingly well built & unique machine with a full metal toàn thân và respectable qualifications.

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The Sprint is Vespa’s sporty incarnation of the Primavera platform. It relies on all the main elements from the Primavera (frame, motor, body), while adding a number of bold kiến thiết touches to achieve an edgier look. Arguably, the Sprint is the best looking machine from Vespa làm đẹp in decades. The Sprint went on sale in North American in May 2014 as an early năm ngoái Model in the USA & Canada.

The larger 155cc motor is the lakiểm tra incarnation of Piaggio’s LEADER motor.

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This motor has been heavily overhauled for the new Sprint/Primavera generation with the move khổng lồ a 3-valve sầu head and fuel injection. This motor makes a healthy 12.7 HP which achieves 60mph with ease và wanders khổng lồ 65 mph. With this motor the Sprint really comes alive sầu, as the motor provides a capable match for the high unique brakes and suspension.

Brakes / Suspension / Handling

The Sprint uses a large 200mm disc up front for the brunt of the stopping, while a 140mm drum brake handles stopping duties in the bachồng kết thúc. This rear drum is sized up from 110mm in the previous generation of Vespa small frame, which was made possible with the switch to larger wheels

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