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The handy storage compartment in the rear shield of the thitruongxemay.com Liberty 50 is divided inkhổng lồ two parts & also includes the option khổng lồ install a USB socket so you can recharge your phone while you’re on the go. Under the seat, which you can open with the simple press of a button, you’ll find another spacious compartment able to hold a full-face helmet. Transporting bags và shopping isn’t a problem as you also have a bag hook và space on the flat footwell.

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The main frame of the thitruongxemay.com Liberty 50 is a sturdy single cradle in steel tubing with pressed steel plates to help ensure driving stability. Front suspension is a 76-stroke telescopic hydraulic fork with a hydraulic shock absorber in the rear, & the wheels come in at a gr& 14” và 16” diameter.

The elegant layout of the instrument cluster seamlessly mixes analog& digital giải pháp công nghệ. The classic gauge with an arrow sits alongside a modern LCD display which can be read by clicking a button located on the right h& of the handlebar. The wide front shield means increased protection from rain và provides the perfect backdrop khổng lồ the classic thitruongxemay.com vertical thiết kế and side indicators.

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The thitruongxemay.com Liberty 50 is generally considered the entry cấp độ Mã Sản Phẩm in the Liberty family which also includes 150 cc versions. Available also in a sportier version, the S, it has long been known & beloved for its elegance, lightness & smart use of giải pháp công nghệ. Powered by a single cylinder 50 cc engine which uses i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) with a three-valve sầu timing system it offers impeccable performance & reliability as well as reduced fuel consumption. Scrupulous attention has also been afforded to lớn the construction of the toàn thân và finishes to lớn ensure maximum safety và the best possible driving experience, with the large wheels (14” at the rear và 16” up front) delivering greater precision and manoeuvring.

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Last but not least there are the practical aspects such as the spacious under seat compartment which can hold a full-face helmet, the rear shield storage box and the instrument cluster which ingeniously mixes analogvà digital elements lớn ensure maximum visibility no matter what the light conditions.

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