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As mentioned previously, the Django comes with Peugeot’s usual high standard of finish and equipment; namely very nicely executed crystal clear instruments, excellent brakes, high-spec LED lighting và on the Evasion you also get a stylish front screen and chrome luggage raông xã.

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I tover not lớn read the specs, or pricing for a scooter before riding it. I lượt thích khổng lồ let the feel of it and how it performs dictate what I think about it before letting on-paper specs & details cloud my judgement. 


As a result I was surprised when I later found out that the 125cc engine is ‘just’ an air-cooled lump, rather than liquid-cooled. The reason for the surprise was because it’s quite lively.

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It’s quiông chồng off the mark, soon gets over 60mph and isn’t at all shy when it comes to overtaking. Much more useable than many of the lacklustre 125cc scooters out there. To be fair the Peugeot City Star 125 is one of the quickest 125s I’ve ridden, although the Hondomain authority Forza beats it on outright top tốc độ.


Admittedly, speed isn’t everything but on a 125cc scooter you need it lớn be practical, and able to lớn cope with the demands of faster moving roads – where not feeling vulnerable is a definite advantage. The Django is certainly willing & able.

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