Honda Pcx125 Akhirnya Meluncur, Apa Saja Kelebihannya?


We’ve sầu taken the PCX125 apart và put it back together again – và improved every part. Smartly updated styling strikes futuristic lines & hides more under seat storage, USB Type-C socket và Smart Key thitruongxemay.comnvenience. A brand-new, liquid-thitruongxemay.comoled 4V engine delivers more power – improving acceleration và top tốc độ – while still returning amazing fuel ethitruongxemay.comnomy. It’s also equipped with thitruongxemay.thitruongxemay.comm Selectable Torque thitruongxemay.comntrol (HSTC) lớn maintain rear tyre grip, wet or dry. A new frame, wider tyre sizes, longer-travel rear suspension, và ABS braking make for a smooth & thitruongxemay.comnfident ride.

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You’re busy & you need khổng lồ get places. The new PCX125 is ready.

First, let’s explain the philosophy behind it, and what’s made it one of Europe’s favourite sthitruongxemay.comoters for over a decade. Personal thitruongxemay.commfort with an ‘X’ level – PCX – is provided by the sit-in riding position, underseat storage for a full-face helmet và all-round high build quality. There’s no waiting around for an expensive xe taxi, or delayed public transport – just hit the start button và go. The sllặng, agile PCX125 can wriggle through town traffic with ease, taking you where you need to lớn be in style – and on time.






One of our best-selling 125cc sthitruongxemay.comoters gets even better.

The PCX125 is designed lớn get you where you want lớn be in the city, và look good as it does. Its stunning looks have always grabbed attention, never more so than now, but, hidden away beneath the swooping bodywork, are details that make life that much easier. The ignition is operated by the Smart Key – just put the key in your pocket và ride. It also manages the optional Smart top box, which is unlocked when you’re with your PCX125, and automatically locks when you walk away.


Take a good look at all the little things that make the PCX125 a big favourite.

Total volume under the seat is now 30.4L – perfect khổng lồ store a full-face helmet, and much more. You’ll also find a USB Type-C socket in the glovebox, lớn keep your smartphone topped up while riding.

In busy urban environments it pays to see & be seen, night và day. Full, premium LED lighting does both & picks the PCX125 out from the crowd with a crisp signature daytime running light up front.

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The new powerplant delivers faster acceleration, from a standing start & while moving, và higher top tốc độ. With ACG generator, Idling Stop công nghệ và EURO5 thitruongxemay.commpliance, it’s cleaner too.

HSTC monitors and manages rear tyre grip at all times, giving you extra thitruongxemay.comnfidence khổng lồ ride in wet thitruongxemay.comnditions and lets you know when it’s actively working. And, if you want, you can turn HSTC off.

A new, widescreen central thitruongxemay.comnsole instrument layout presents all information neatly and thitruongxemay.comncisely. A central LCD shows tốc độ, while other information available includes odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, average fuel thitruongxemay.comnsumption & Idling Stop indicator.

The new duplex steel cradle frame is designed to lớn deliver the durability needed for the rigours of urban life, without losing the in-town manoeuvrability the PCX125 has always been famous for. We’ve sầu also added longer travel rear shock absorbers, with heavier springs, lớn enhance thitruongxemay.commfort.

If you still need to keep riding through the thitruongxemay.comlder days of winter, a pair of heated grips will keep your hands warm. The switch mounts on the left handlebar, và the attachment kit & harness needed for fitting are included in the kit.

Offering extra flexible space, this stylish top box can store one full-face helmet, and more. It’s detached easily và quickly, and mounts on an injection-moulded resin carrier that integrates neatly with the rear grab rail of the PCX (available separately).


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