Pcx 2018

Hondomain authority has launched the new PCX Hybrid, claimed lớn be the world’s first two-wheeled hybrid, in Indonesia. PT Astra Hondomain authority Motor (AHM), the local two-wheeler arm of the Japanese major, will produce the premium green scooter at its Sunter plant in Indonesia. The PCX Hybrid has a retail price of 40.000.000 Indonesian rupiah or Rs 190,982.

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Hybrid technology kicks in on the 149.3cc PCX Hybrid when the rider turns the gas lever in fast motion, triggering the assist motor powered by a lithium ion battery lớn increase torque, và in turn more responsive acceleration. The premium scooter is equipped with ABS, full-digital panel meter that depicts complete information through additional riding mode feature, battery charge cấp độ, & lithium battery indicator.

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The Honda PCX Hybrid has a riding mode on the left handlebar. This riding mode works when the assist motor gives tư vấn power. There are three riding modes: ‘D’ is for drive sầu mode where the rider gets performance along with comfort & fuel efficiency (standard mode when the motorcycle is running); S for sport mode which enables a more optimum performance; & for idling mode, the rider can stop the function of idling stop system feature (power tư vấn will be the same as D mode). The Hondomain authority PCX Hybrid has LED lamp application for all lighting. This mã sản phẩm is also equipped with Enhanced Smart nguồn (eSP), a minimum friction technology & engine cooling efficiency. Thescooter gets a DC socket for power charging, which is located inside the front console box. Other highlights include a Honda Smart Key integrated with an anti-theft alarm và an Answer Baông chồng System.

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As regards functional features, the PCX Hybrid has an 8-litre fuel tank, fuel cap and seat opener switch integrated with ignition key, seat stopper feature lớn avoid the seat closing on its own when the rider stores or pulls things out, ergonomically convenient riding stance và a rear double suspension.

Speaking at the sản phẩm reveal a few days ago, Toshiyuki Inuma, president director of AHM, said: “The all-new Hondomain authority PCX Hybrid gives a different riding experience through its advanced performance and classy features wrapped with innovation in technology that has never existed before in Indonesia.”

Johannes Loman, executive sầu vice-president director, AHM, said, “The all-new Hondomain authority PCX Hybrid, which is produced by Indonesian people, shows our readiness khổng lồ face motorcycle development through the application of hybrid technology. The skill và competency of Indonesian technicians in our factory on producing the first motorcycle with hybrid technology in Indonesia is also completed by our network readiness to accompany our customer to take care of their Hondomain authority hybrid motorcycle with the best aftersales service.”

Technical SpecificationsEngine: 149.3cc, four-cylinder, SOHC, PGM-FiTransmission: Automatic, V-MaticCompression ratio: 10.6:1 Max power: 10.8 kW (14.7 PS) at 8500rpm, 1.4 KW at 3000rpm (Motor)Max torque: 13.2 Nm at 6500rpm; 4.3 Nm at 3000rpm (engine)Cooling: Automatic, centrifugal, dry type

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