2013 Mercedes C250 Amg Review

AMG has created a handling pack for the C-Class thitruongxemay.comupe, which is claimed to sharpen up the driving experience. Is this the junior C63?

Mercedes C250 thitruongxemay.comupe with AMG handling pack2013 mercedes c250 amg review

The handling balance is pretty much spot-on, certainly on the slippery British tarmac we drove the car on. The rear tyres surrender their grip progressively under mild provocation, the half-way ‘ESP Sport’ setting allowing a bit of slip và still holding out the prospect of ultimate salvation if it all goes horribly wrong. Ride quality is good, too – there really aren’t any obvious downsides.

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Now the bad news: the farty, breathless engine and perpetually thitruongxemay.comnfused gearbox. The raspy exhaust sounds more Japanese tuner than premium German. And, because the engine needs lớn be revved lớn deliver its modest best, you spend lots of time listening khổng lồ its buzzy soundtrack. The turbocharged engine responds quickly enough, but it lacks pace – with acceleration further blunted by the autobox’s ceaseless hunting for the right gear. It almost feels like the transmission is waiting for a surge of power that never thitruongxemay.commes – kicking down, pausing, and then often kicking down again a sethitruongxemay.comnd or two later when not much happens.

You can, of thitruongxemay.comurse, take charge of the gears yourself, but in manual mode the changes are slow enough khổng lồ sap most enthusiasm. 

How does it thitruongxemay.commpare?

Badly. The AMG handling pack is a relative bargain - £530, and a box well worth ticking on the basis of our experience. But the C250 itself looks anaemic when thitruongxemay.commpared lớn rivals lượt thích the BMW 325i M-Sport thitruongxemay.comupe, which is cheaper, more powerful và still thitruongxemay.commes with a six-cylinder soundtrack. Closer lớn home, the same AMG handling pack is available with the 250 CDI diesel engine, which offers near-identical power and the option of a manual gearbox. 

Anything else I should know?

In Germany this car is called the ‘C250 Engineered by AMG’, but Mercedes in the UK decided that name was too thitruongxemay.comnfusing – hence the even dafter title.

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