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The new Mazda CX-5 arrives at a crowded time for Japanese SUVs, but it has plenty khổng lồ help it stvà out…

SINGAPORE —In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a small war going on, and the new Mazda CX-5 is the first thitruongxemay.combatant. The battleground is the market for mid-kích thước Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) from nhật bản, which has just been joined by the officially-imported Toyota Harrier (the one that counts, basically) &, soon, an all-new Honda CR-V.

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It looks like Mazdomain authority has thitruongxemay.come out guns blazing, though. Here’s all you need to know about the new CX-5.

Sleek looking thing, ain’t it!It sure is. This is a car with swagger. The sllặng lamps give it a purposeful squint, and that grille looks terrific in the flesh. You’d swear it was stolen from a Jaguar.


The high-contrast finish of the Soul Red Crystal Metallic paintwork on our thử nghiệm oto does a lot khổng lồ highlight the curves và cat-like stance, too. Don’t forget, though, that the first CX-5 ushered in Mazda’s current era of “Kodo” design language. This one was always going to lớn look good.

At the same time it looks… strangely familiar somehow?That could be down to design continuity, family coherence and so on… Mazda’s styling from here, insiders have told us, is lớn stay true lớn Kovì but polish their approach. “Beauty by subtraction” is the khẩu hiệu for that, và it suggests that future Mazdas will be as pared down và sculptural as the new CX-5.


Mind you, some of the visual familiarity it might also be because the CX-5 is built on the same platkhung as the previous Mã Sản Phẩm. Key dimensions stay largely unaltered, as a result. The wheelbase is still 2,700milimet, for example. It’s marginally longer and lower, however, which helps with how sporty it looks, especially when you look at it from the side.

Wait, so is it a facelift or an all-new model?Well, Mazdomain authority says the latter, but it’s probably more accurate to say it’s an extremely heavy facelift. That said, Minoru Takata, a program manager for the CX-5 in Mazda’s hàng hóa division, told us that more than 50 percent of the parts for the platkhung have been improved or changed. Fair enough. And we have sầu to say, it does feel like a new car.

How so?Climb aboard và you’ll see a thitruongxemay.completely redesigned cabin, with an impressively neat layout for buttons & switches, và materials posh enough lớn make you wonder where Mazdomain authority found the money for them.


You’ll notice a new freestanding touchscreen, too. It isn’t big by today’s standards (at just seven inches) but it’s bright & easy to lớn use —except for the navigation system, which is still a pain when you try khổng lồ enter an address without knowing either the postal code or the town your target street is in.

Looks fairly swish up front. How’s the back?Cooler than before. We mean that literally, because there are new air-con vents baông chồng there. The rear seats are slightly adjustable now (you can make them more upright to lớn squeeze more space out of the boot) & there are two USB charging points in the centre armrest.


It’s all meant to make riding in the car more inclusive, instead of reserving joy for the driver. That’s been one of the themes behind the car’s redevelopment.

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Makes sense. It’s more family oto than rugged off-roader anyway, right? Exactly. In fact, Takata told us that in his view the single biggest step forward between this CX-5 & the last one is… how much quieter it is inside. Mazda has a “conversation matrix” that it uses lớn assess cabin noise, và things are so much more hushed in the new Mã Sản Phẩm that you can have a chat at the same volume as before, only 30km/h faster.

Ok, but is it a still a driver’s car?Actually, the CX-5 is a nice car lớn punt through corners at a spirited pace — for an SUV, of course. What’s new in this iteration is that the suspension damping has been reworked, and there’s Mazda’s G Vectoring Control system — turn the wheel for a corner & the engine retards its spark by a fraction of a second, trimming power enough to lớn put more weight on the front tyres for extra grip, but not enough for you to lớn feel.


Whatever the case, as you guide the Mazda from bend lớn bend it feels secure, responsive sầu and pretty much pinpoint accurate. The plot doesn’t fall apart as you piông chồng up the pace, either, and while it’s no hot hatch in terms of outright agility, it’s a pleasantly, surprisingly nimble car for something so big và tall.

Hmmm… But does it thump the fillings from your teeth over bumps?Not at all, surprisingly. The ride is on the firm side of things (the Super Luxury model we drove rides on 19-inch wheels, after all) but it doesn’t skết thúc sudden jolts into lớn the cabin, much less your spine.

Sounds like the suspension is sorted, anyway. But on paper it looks like there’s been no progress under the bonnet?In a way, no. The engines are carried over, along with the six-tốc độ autos they’re paired with. That means a 2.0-litre four cylinder with 165 horsepower, or the one we drove sầu, a 2.5-litre with 194hp.


It’s actually a nice engine, delivering brisk acceleration and revving freely, & it makes a fairly sporty howl at the upper kết thúc of the rev counter. Both engines are mechanically unchanged but their management has been fiddle with to improve sầu the linearity of their power delivery, apparently.

Two engines, then? So which should I buy?Tough question, that, because there are actually four models on offer. Our choice is a 2.5-litre Luxury mostly for the performance of the engine, but apparently once people step up khổng lồ the bigger powerplant they go the whole hog và buy the most expensive sầu version, which is the Super Luxury spec tested here.


That thitruongxemay.comes with such safety items as rear cross traffic alert, a lane departure warning system, lane-keep autonomous steering, và the rather glam-looking white upholstery in our kiểm tra car — that last one is only for someone who has domestic help.

Most people will probably buy the 2.0 Premium, for niceties lượt thích the powered tailgate & electric front seats. Even the 2.0 Standard thitruongxemay.comes with six airbags và satnav, though, so the basics are there, whichever version you choose.

But what about the thitruongxemay.competition?It’s actually looking like it will be a straightforward thump-up. The Toyota Harrier drives lượt thích Lexus cars used lớn, so it’s ultra-refined and easy to lớn operate. The Hondomain authority CR-V will be interesting to anyone who fancies a small turbo (we hear it’ll thitruongxemay.come with a 1.5-litre) & three rows of seats.

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If you care about styling, cabin chất lượng và handling, it’s the CX-5 for you, really. The SUV battle may be starting lớn heat up, but right now it’s looking fairly easy to piông xã a side.

NEED TO KNOW Mazdomain authority CX-5 2.5 Super LuxuryEngine 2,488cc, 16V, inline 4Power 194hp at 6,000rpmTorque 257Nm at 3,250rpmGearbox 6-tốc độ automaticTop tốc độ 196km/h0-100km/h 8.9 secondsFuel efficiency 7.2L/100kmCO2 167g/kmPrice S$152,800 (with COE)Agent: Trans Eurokars Pte LtdAvailable Now


Cliông xã here for more details of the four different Mazdomain authority CX-5s on sale


How does Borneo Motors’ Toyota Harrier thitruongxemay.compare to the parallel imported model?

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