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Then the Mazda CX-8 was spotted on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Which is in the United States.

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And then Mazdomain authority confirmed that the CX-8 would most definitely not be exported from Japan. As the CX-4 was a China-oriented Model, the CX-8 would be geared towards a Japanese market for which the CX-9 is just too big. But then we heard the Mazdomain authority CX-8 might be exported from Japan, but only to lớn nước Australia.

And now, with official imagery, it’s not difficult to lớn underst& why Mazdomain authority USA has no need for the CX-8. It looks almost exactly like a CX-9 with six fewer inches of length, five sầu fewer inches of width, & a marginally lower roofline.

Americans vày not need a smaller Mazdomain authority CX-9.

There’s reason lớn believe sầu Mazdomain authority could use more utility vehicles in North America. Aye, couldn’t every automaker?

Mazda has quickly become more reliant on its CX lineup for U.S. sales, earning 54 r drcent of its first-half sales from the CX-3, CX-5, & CX-9 in 2017, up from 45 percent a year ago. As the Mazda 3 and Mazdomain authority 6 use vast chunks of already limited sales — they’ve sầu combined for 17,000 fewer sales in 2017’s first six months than during the same period of năm 2016 — Mazda requires healthy CX volume to keep its dealers active.

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In June, for example, the average Mazda dealer sold only 16 passenger cars; on par with Ford but well back of brands such as Kia (43), Hyundẻo (36), Volkswagene (35), & Subaru (24). The average Mazda franchise sold only 36 total vehicles in June, fewer sales per dealer than 15 other auto brands, according to Automotive sầu News Data Center.

Unfortunately, the two lakiểm tra Mazda utility vehicles — the CX-4 and now CX-8 — aren’t destined for North America. Much as Mazdomain authority would lượt thích to lớn get the swoopier CX-5 that Mazda Đài Loan Trung Quốc markets as the CX-4 on that side of the Pacific, it’s not khổng lồ be.

Attempting to determine the differences between the Mazda CX-8 and CX-9 would be challenging enough for a potential Mazda crossover buyer. Determining why the more cramped CX-8 is worthy of hard-earned American dollars would be altogether more difficult, especially since the Mazda CX-9 is already deserving of cabin criticism.

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* This article was updated khổng lồ clarify that the average Mazdomain authority dealer sold 36 vehicles in June, not 36 vehicles per day in June.

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