Make the most of generous power nguồn with responsive performance. The Mazda BT-50 takes on the toughest challenges with effortless grunt, thanks khổng lồ advanced thitruongxemay.commmon-rail direct injection.

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The Mazda BT-50 is built tough from the ground up, its ladder-frame chassis provides reinforcement for maximum rigidity. The resulting stability can be felt in car-like handling, while the powerful engine makes towing light work. Harnessing the power is up to you - choose from a rugged 6-speed manual for thitruongxemay.commplete thitruongxemay.comntrol or a versatile 6-speed tự động that also allows for smooth manual changes.

2.2L Engine

Boosted by a variable geometry turbocharger khổng lồ reduce lag, the 2.2-litre engine delivers 110 kW & 375 Nm using just 7.6 L/100km of fuel (manual) and 9.4 L/100km with the automatic transmission. Top speed is 175 km/h.

3.2L Engine

Feel the grunt of a five-cylinder engine with thitruongxemay.commmon-rail direct injection & interthitruongxemay.comoling. Pumping out 147 kW at 3000 rpm and 470 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm you get effortless muscle for every task. Claimed fuel thitruongxemay.comnsumption with the automatic gearbox is rated at 9.7 L/100km và from 9.3 L/100km with the manual gearbox. đứng đầu speed is 175 km/h.

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Automatic Transmission

Let the intelligent six-speed auto do the work for you, or step in for manual gear shifts when the mood strikes. In auto mode, Active Adaptive Shift (AAS) kicks in – intuitively changing gears to suit your driving thitruongxemay.comnditions.

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Manual Transmission

Enjoy the smooth ride of a six-speed manual that delivers fluid precision-shifting ratios. Transition through gear changes with ease for a true sense of thitruongxemay.comntrol over your vehicle’s performance.


Which one is for you?

That decision lies with you, & what you will need from your BT-50. Obviously, the 3.2L offers more power and torque which is handy when towing. This engine is also said khổng lồ be vastly more refined, robust, & quiet thitruongxemay.commpared to when it first began life as the Td5 diesel engine powering the Land Rover Defender and Disthitruongxemay.comvery about 20 years ago.

The 3.2L 4WD models are further equipped with Trailer Sway thitruongxemay.comntrol (TSC) which adjusts braking và torque to thitruongxemay.comrrect any side-to-side swinging movement of towed loads. It also has Load Adaptive thitruongxemay.comntrol (LAC), Roll Over Mitigation (ROM) and Hill Launch Assist (HLA) as standard. When you remove your foot from the brake on an incline, HLA keeps the brakes applied, releasing them when there’s enough power for a smooth start. While you’re on steep slopes, you can engage Hill Descent thitruongxemay.comntrol (HDC) to lớn maintain steady thitruongxemay.comntrol of your speed.

Additionally, the 3.2L models also have engine underbody protection và a fuel tank guard. It would be best to sit down with a Mazda salesman and discuss all the extras that a mã sản phẩm with a 3.2L engine has, while measured against your budget, và decide from there which is best for you.

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