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Submodel Last Recorded Price Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info

1.5 Deluxe (A)
$96,800 (May 2017)
19.2km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Standard Plus (A)
$74,888 (Aug 2020)

Price No Changefull price history

18.8km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Deluxe (A)
$78,800 (May 2018)

Price decreased by $4,000 on 11 May 2018.View full price history

18.8km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Standard Plus (A)
$78,888 (Nov 2020)

Price No Changefull price history

18.8km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Elegance (A)

Facelifted on Nov-2020

$79,888 (Dec 2020)

Price No Changefull price history

18.5km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Standard (A)
$83,800 (Mar 2018)

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18.8km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Luxury (A)

Facelifted on Nov-2020

$85,888 (Dec 2020)

18.5km/L 114 bhp 6-speed (A) with manual shift Specs|Features
1.5 Luxury Plus (A)

Facelifted on Nov-2020

$90,888 (Dec 2020)

Car review - Mazda2 Sedan 1.5 Deluxe (A)
With numerous accolades to lớn its name, the Mazda2 is back khổng lồ steal the show with the addition of a decently-sized boot, in sedan guise.

A good looking economical car, but not for comfort
I have been driving the Mazda 2 for 2+ months now, mainly for Grab. I was bought over by the looks; It looks almost indistinguishable from the Mazda 3. However, I have 2 main peeves about this car; It"s uncomfortable for both the driver and the passengers, và it"s poor sound insulation.
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Amazing fuel economy.
Having owned the Mazda 2 sedan deluxe for 17 months, other than servicing arrangements, I have no complaint about the oto so far. What astonishes me is its outstanding fuel economy. I"m surprised that the system electronically registers fuel consumption as 6.4L/100 km or 15.63 km per litre from day one. I also calculate my fuel consumption manually using the same ESSO station and at the same pump. Each time I pump full tank tự động stop I record the mileage travelled và number of litres consumed. On most occasions I managed between 15 - 16 km/l but on some occasions like last week I managed 16.7 km per litre. Compared to lớn my previous car, my monthly petrol bill has been cut by half. Road holding và braking are excellent & that is despite drum brakes at the rear. There is hardly any body toàn thân roll when rounding sharp bends & best of all, the standard Dunlop tyres vị not make any noise at all.My only complaint is not about the car but servicing. For regular servicing, Trans Eurokars need to learn from Borneo Motors. Booking for a servicing appointment is only through the phone. When the servicing warning light appears, a typical phone appointment takes a month & the car has to be left in the workshop with no approximate time frame given for collection. At Borneo Motors, one can choose an appointment date & time online which typically is a week at most. Quick routine servicing is completed in an hour or less with major servicing 2 - 3 hrs. Owners can wait cosily in the lounge while their oto is being serviced. Lớn be fair, the staff at Eurokars is polite but waiting is a no, no, as the hard foodcourt like chairs at Leng Kee is unlike the sofas at Borneo Motors where you can even doze off while your oto is being serviced. Despite the oto being a man in the street car, servicng rates are not man in the strict prices. Read More »
Mazda2 sedan looks small on the outside but big in interior space và engine per... I had experienced some noises in most of my new cars but surprisingly, from day 1, this Mazda2 sedan was extremely quiet, so quiet that I went on to restart the engine thinking that it went dead. Read More »
An outstanding small saloon for work và leisure Registered & driven since early Feb 16 after trade-in my previous Mazda 2 saloon of 6 years old. There is a vast improvement in driveability, performance and comfort level. Practical has no major issue with the past Mazda 2, with just a change of the engine blocks & a broken down left auto rear view mirror. Thus durability is never an issue.The new 1,5 engine coupled with the 6-speed tự động is a effective và efficient combination. The performance is better than the Mazda 3 in terms of response và power. Road holding at various speeds are excellence with good road holding with and sharp & accurate steering system.The interior is superbly re-designed & with European styling. Dashboard with eye-catching design & the control knots are easy lớn use và feel good enough for the price of this range. Comfortable seats và a reasonable good unique sound system.Size is similar khổng lồ my previous 2 saloon, despite the smaller seats, the new 2 offers excellent comfort for 4.Externally, the design is modern and look better than the cars of the same category. Read More »
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