Mazda 2 Sedan 2016 Review: Good 2 Boot


One of the best looking baby sedans on the marketExcellent infotainment system in MaxxZippy and responsive performanceGreat transmissionsSharp, progressive steering


Bachồng seat và boot not as spacious as many in this classFirm, fussy rideEngine and road noise higher than some rivalsServicing not the cheapestBasic aftersales protection

There’s always been something a little NQR (not quite right) about baby sedans based on city-sized hatchbacks. Fortunately, with the arrival of the new Mazdomain authority 2 sedan, that’s no longer the case.

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Booted versions of most brands’ smallest models typically have awkward proportions, often failing to lớn blkết thúc the donor hatches’ sharply rising beltlines with their high-mix boots, and exaggerated overhangs, with any sort of aesthetic nous. As such, they’ve rarely caught on with local buyers.

The Jazz-based Hondomain authority City arguably appears the least thitruongxemay.compromised – something that is perhaps reflected in its current status as Australia’s top-selling light sedan – though even it looks a little squished at the rear.

But the new Mazdomain authority 2 sedan is different to lớn most in that Mazdomain authority claims to lớn have placed as much emphasis on getting its kiến thiết right as it did with the 2 hatch, rather than the sedan being an afterthought pumped out haphazardly for Southeast Asian markets.

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The result is a cohesive sầu design that elegantly thitruongxemay.combines the Mazda 2’s đáng yêu face with a stylish (if a little bubbly) rear over that looks like a miniaturised version of the Mazda 3.

Momentously, this means there’s now a light sedan that you can buy for reasons other than its added practicality over its hatchbacked sibling.

Mazdomain authority 2 sedan pricing mirrors that of the hatch, meaning the range starts from $14,990 plus on-road costs for the Neo six-speed manual, making it one of the most affordable light sedans on the market. The only cheaper option is the Tập đoàn Mitsubishi Mirage sedan (from $14,490), while other challengers include the equally priced Hyundai Accent, the Holden Barina sedan (from $15,890), the City (from $15,990), & the Toyota Yaris (from $17,490) – though all of these are regularly subject to driveaway deals, so keep an eye out and haggle hard if you’re in the market.




Most Mazda 2 sedan buyers will pay $2000 for the optional six-speed automatic, while as many as half are expected khổng lồ opt for the higher-spec Maxx ($17,690 manual, $19,690 auto), which adds alloy wheels, a reverse-view camera, the MZD Connect infotainment system with 7.0-inch colour touchscreen and more to the Neo’s already standard rear parking sensors, push-button start, cruise control, USB đầu vào và Bluetooth không dây phone connectivity with audio streaming. (Check out the năm nhâm thìn Mazdomain authority 2 pricing và specifications for full details.)

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