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There’s no job too big for the EX8000-6.* It’s our largest mining shovel, và it delivers incredible arm crowding, breakout force & horsepower. You get efficient engines, a comfortable cab, advanced hydraulics, a tough frame and powerful arm- & bucket-digging forces so you can get more work done every day.

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The EX8000-6 comes standard equipped with Hitachi’s Global e-Service remote machine management system, which gives you access khổng lồ each on-site machine from a PC in your office.

*Also available in the U.S. & Latin America as an electric drive shovel. Download Features & Specs Brochure for more information.

Features & Specs Brochure
Tackle any job with twin Cummins QSK60C diesel engines that meet U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission regulations.
The rigid box kiến thiết resists bending and twisting forces, giving you stability và strength on any job.
Rugged lower rollers, track shoes và drive sầu tumblers sustain the giant toàn thân for increased durability.
The cast steel, center traông chồng frame can avoid stress concentration and increase reliability.
Using the meter-in valves, ample capacity make-up valves và flow-assisting pumps, the flow tốc độ is increased in cylinders for dynamic actions, lượt thích between dumping and digging.Flow-retarding control at cylinder stroke ends improves controllability & helps extend service life. This mechanism is provided for arm/bucket roll-in and roll-out.

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Electric joystick control levers provide precise và almost effortless operation.
The multi-display LCD monitor provides machine data, operating status and alerts at a glance. The monitor can be preset to lớn indicate replacement intervals for engine oil, hydraulic oil & filters.
With constant correct traông xã tension, travel is automatically stopped if the nitrogene gas accumulator pressure exceeds a preset level. Alert information and countermeasures are indicated on the multi-display màn hình LCD.
Four optional outside cameras can be mounted around the machine for enhanced visibility – virtually eliminating blind spots
The sturdy cab protects operators from falling objects. The cab’s top guard meets OPG Level II (ISO) standards. The entire cab sits on a package of fluid-filled elastic mounts that absorb vibration for a more comfortable ride.The high-visibility, nine-meter (29 ft. 6 in.) cab height provides a clear view of the work site – even when loading the largest trucks.The air-suspension, multi-position seat can be customized to lớn the operator’s needs và seat can be adjusted to lớn accommodate the operator’s weight and personal preference.The well-insulated, pressurized cab keeps out dust and is air conditioned.Plenty of utility space located behind the operator seat allows for 24-hour operation. The space can accommodate a table, electric oven & refrigerator.
High-pressure filters are located down-line from the pumps for easy maintenance.
Folding stairs with wide steps allow for easy accessibility, servicing và maintenance.
A contamination sensor alerts the operator of accumulated contaminants in the oil before damage might occur.
Ejectors automatically expel dust from the air cleaners, giving you one less routine maintenance task.A protective steel barrier between the engine & pump bulkhead contributes khổng lồ lower heat and less potential for damage.
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