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Highs Looks unlike any other SUV, faster than any other SUV, more practical than any other Lambo. Lows Inferior craftsmanship versus other Lamborghinis, the definition of a gas-guzzler, most people can"t afford one. Verdict The Urus is a wildly styled super SUV that transcends the boundaries of this outrageous superoto br&.

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The 2021 Lamborghini Urus is extreme in almost every way, which is exactly what"s expected when a legendary supercar maker builds an SUV. Its chiseled bodywork và hulking proportions are appropriately exaggerated, but don"t think this 641-hp Italian quái nhân isn"t a terror on the trachồng. In fact, it was the quickest SUV we"ve ever lapped at Virginia International Raceway. This is a testament to lớn both Lamborghini"s dedication khổng lồ absolute performance and the super-ute"s track-ready hardware. While the company"s Aventador & Huracan supercars can only be enjoyed by two people, the Urus can entertain—và no doubt frighten—as many as five passengers. Along with actually useable cargo space, it has the ability to lớn tow a trailer và tackle off-road obstacles. Sure, it costs a fortune và shares some parts with the much less-expensive Audi Q8, but the 2021 Urus earns its title as the ultimate SUV.

What"s New for 2021?

Lamborghini makes the 2021 Urus more unmistakable—if that"s even possible—by giving it wilder paint options. These include either bright green, orange, or yellow as part of the new Pearl Capsule appearance package. This kit also adds contrasting 23-inch wheels as well as blaông chồng tryên ổn pieces on the roof, rear diffuser, và spoiler. Whether the exterior is coated in Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), or Verde Mantis (green), the cabin"s upholstery is colored to lớn match when paired with the new package. Along with several other fresh paint choices, the largest Lambo now has more standard driver assists (adaptive sầu cruise control and blind-spot monitoring) and handful of other new standard and optional features. The 2021 Urus is also more expensive sầu than the outgoing mã sản phẩm, with an extra $10,683 tacked onlớn its starting price.

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That may be the only thing about the Urus that goes unnoticed.

Pricing và Which One khổng lồ Buy

Although the Urus costs cthua thảm khổng lồ a quarter of a million dollars, it"s still the least costly Lamborghini you can buy. Add the fact that it can haul more than two people and an ample amount of luggage & it"s also the best value in the Italian company"s lineup. Our recommended version would play up its highly extroverted style with the new Pearl Capsule appearance package. We especially like it in the Verde Mantis green paint, which is offset by blaông xã exterior details & huge 23-inch wheels. The interior color scheme is set khổng lồ match. We"d add the front seats with ventilation và mas sa functions for increased luxury, & we"d switch to lớn the four-seat configuration that reduces passenger capathành phố by one but brings rear-seat power adjustments and heated surfaces. We assume rich people don"t want lớn ride three-deep in the baông xã seat anyway. The other options we"d choose are the upgraded sound system, hands-không lấy phí tailgate, rear-seat entertainment system, và the available Off-Road drive modes.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Urus is powered by a twin-turbo V-8 that makes a stout 641 horsepower, burbles deeply when idling, and absolutely howls under full throttle. Permanent all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission conspire with all that power to lớn enable fantastic acceleration. In our testing, the Urus went from rocketed to lớn 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and tore up the quarter-mile in 11.3 seconds at 121 mph. Likewise, Lamborghini estimates a top speed of 190 mph. The Urus feels athletic from behind the wheel, too, with quick steering & stable high-tốc độ cornering. With air springs at all four corners, the Urus has adjustable ride heights based on its various drive sầu modes. Standard carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that the Urus stops as well as it goes—braking from 70 mph khổng lồ a stop in 149 feet.

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