Ktm 790 adventure r: what's the hype about (specs & features)– lone rider

The new KTM 790 Adventure presents an excellent mix of on-road comfort with sporty handling, và off-road capability. Consider it a slightly more pavement-focused version of KTM’s new flagship bike that is the 790 Adventure R mã sản phẩm.

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Despite being the more pavement-focused of the two, the KTM 790 certainly isn"t held baông xã when it comes to its off-road credentials.

While it does have sầu lower-spec forks with fewer tuning options, và a bit less ground clearance & suspension travel, it still manages khổng lồ retain its true adventure credentials with the a dirty-worthy wheel set measuring 18 inches in the rear & 21 up front, và substantial amount of ground clearance and suspension travel when compared to others in its weight class.

As a blanket statement, we"d like to lớn declare that the KTM 790 may be the perfect option for riders wanting to get all the adventure possible out of a motorcycle without being overwhelmed by the kích cỡ & power of the biggest bikes now in the market.

Despite not being as dirt-focused as its sister xe đạp or some others in this twin-cylinder category, riders looking for a mid-sized adventure bike may want lớn consider how much time they"ll truly be spending off-pavement, and choose this bike or the R mã sản phẩm accordingly.

In this KTM 790 Adventure S review, we’re going to lớn take a look at the bike"s specs, features, its pros and cons, & some other important information.

2019 KTM 790 Adventure S Specs

So how did KTM put the 790 together? Let’s take a closer look:

KTM 790 Engine

Engine Displacement: 799ccType: Parallel-TwinMax power: 95 hp
6500 rpmCooling: Liquid cooledValve sầu train: DOHC (8 valves)Final drive: ChainFueling: DKK Dell’ Orlớn w/ 46milimet throttle bodiesBore x stroke: 88mm x 65.7mmCompression ratio: 12.7:1

KTM 790 Drivetrain

Transmission: 6-speedClutch: PASC slipperFinal Drive: ChainFront wheel: Spoke, aluminum rimsRear wheel: Spoke, aluminum rimsFront Tire: 90/90 x 21”, tubelessRear Tire: 170/70 x 18”, tubeless

KTM 790 Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension/Travel: 43 milimet fork/7.8 inchesRear Suspension/Travel: WP Apex PDS shoông chồng absorber with spring preload adjustability/7.8 inchesRake: 25.9 degreesTrail: 107.8Front Brake: 2 x 3đôi mươi milimet ABSRear Brake: 260 milimet single disc ABS

KTM 790 Dimensions

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3 gallons (20 liters)Fuel Consumption: 56 mpg (4.19 liters/100 km)Seat Height: Adjustable 32.7/33.5 inchWheelbase: 59.4 in (1,509 mm)Ground Clearance: 9.2 in (233 mm)Dry Weight: 416.7 lbs (189 kg)


2019 KTM 790 Adventure S Pros

As far as adventure motorcycles go, the KTM 790 S performs incredibly well in a variety of on và off-pavement scenargame ios. Initially developed alongside the 790 Duke, the xe đạp features heavy-duty componentry to lớn help reduce the limits lớn where riders may go with it, and how far they can depend on it.


That said, let’s take a closer look at some points where the KTM 790 Adventure S shines.

1. KTM 790 Adventure S Engine

The KTM 790 Adventure S is a mid-sized adventure motorcycle that uses the same LC8 799c parallel-twin engine used in the 790 Duke but with a revised mapping. It peaks at 95 hp at 8,000 rpm and 65ft/lb torque at 6,500 rpm which is almost the same as that of the BMW F850GS or the Hondomain authority Africa Twin. Being approximately so much lighter than the Honda or BMW though, the KTM definitely feels lượt thích a more responsive, nimble, & agile machine.

"It peaks at 95 hp at 8,000 rpm & 65ft/lb torque at 6,500 rpm"

The 790"s parallel-twin engine allows the bike lớn have sầu a considerably low seat height without giving up on its overall ground clearance, which is at a full 9.2 inches. The seat is adjustable, and can be positioned at 32.7 inches or a more leg-roomy 33.5 inches.

Using practically the same engine as the 790 Duke, the same crank, cases, pistons, rods, and throttle bodies were implemented with a simple retuning by KTM khổng lồ suit mid-range performance a bit better for long distance adventure travel.

Perhaps the KTM 790’s most talked-about feature is its liquid-cooled engine that’s supposedly made in China, and therefore subject to some negative sầu stereotyping according to lớn mạng internet rumors. However, KTM’s staff have sầu been quick khổng lồ point out and correct these rumors by stating that the engines are in fact, made in Austria.

"KTM included two counterbalancers in the 790 Adventure S khổng lồ keep vibrations down"

Aside from that, KTM included two counterbalancers in the 790 Adventure S khổng lồ keep vibrations down. And just lượt thích most modern engines on the market, its maintenance interval is generous, at a whopping15,000 kilometers between valve adjustments. Depending on the extremes of off-pavement adventuring use và overall demands put on the engine, riders might want khổng lồ increase that frequency of checks.

2. TFT Display

As newer and more advanced bike models are displayed in showrooms, we’re seeing more and more advanced features và technology showing up. The same applies lớn the KTM 790 Adventure S. Basically, it’s filled with both visual và technical features that will make your riding experience a whole lot convenient, easier and informative.

"The KTM 790 TFT display automatically adjusts the display depending on the lighting condition"

For starters, there’s the visually appealing TFT display in full color that"s quite customizable so riders can decide on which information they want displayed. In addition, the display automatically adjusts depending on lighting conditions. With more basic displays on other adventure bikes, changes from cloud cover or tree canopy khổng lồ direct sunlight aren"t such a hindrance in a rider"s ability to read the KTM"s display.

All information needed can be easily accessed và customized via the left hvà on a dial pad located on the bike’s handlebar.

The display has easy to lớn flip through menu items, making it quiông chồng to find the specific information being sought.

It also comes with the option of KTM"s My Ride feature that connects with phones, so riders can receive calls hands-không tính phí, and follow GPS directions on the bike’s TFT display.

3. Low-Slung Fuel Tank

There’s nothing really remarkable about the 790 Adventure motorcycle’s bodywork until we arrive at the gas tank. It"s low-slung with a horseshoe-shaped thiết kế lobbing over each side of the engine. This keeps it well-balanced and even lowers the center of gravity, a helpful characteristic with low-tốc độ stability and technical riding.

"KTM 790’s low-slung fuel tank keeps it well-balanced & even lowers the center of gravity, a helpful characteristic with low-tốc độ stability & technical riding."

Apart from the lower center of gravity, this kiến thiết also offers protection for the bike’s engine, features easier maintenance due to lớn easy access lớn the battery & air filter, prevents the bike from lying flat in case you go down, and comes with less bulk between your knees khổng lồ allow for easier riding in the standing position. Riders around the world have for many years enjoyed the quirkiness of BMW"s boxer engine, in that it can be cumbersome và bulky, but also supportive, and convenient. While not as pedestal-lượt thích as boxer cylinder head, the KTM"s fuel tank does prop the xe đạp up a bit as well.

When the photos & drawings of the engine’s design hit the mạng internet, riders were a bit sketchy as lớn its practical application. Those who have tested the 790 Adventure are claiming that the tank holds up pretty well upon taking a beating.

"With all the pre-release testing done, no punctures occurred"

Despite being made of plastic, the material used for the tank is quite hard and durable enough lớn take a fair amount of abuse. Drop-testing it from various heights using metallic objects & other implements, KTM clearly felt it was tough-enough khổng lồ hit the market.

Lastly, holding up lớn 5.3 gallons (20 liters) of fuel allows the KTM to run 280+ miles (450+ kilometers), if in optimal conditions và the advertised 53 miles per gallon is achieved.

4. 21-Inch Front Wheel & 18-Inch Rear

The KTM 790 Adventure makes use of a tubeless wheel system at 21 inches for the front và 18 inches for the rear. Yet another feature pointing lớn its off-pavement prowess, when compared to other bikes with 19/17 combinations.

"The KTM 790 Adventure makes use of a tubeless wheel system at 21 inches for the front & 18 inches for the rear"

Despite the large hoop that is its 21-inch front wheel, the Adventure S can remain quite stable through fast, paved twisties và sweepers, and all while giving the rider a larger footprint when it"s time to head down that fire road. Additionally, braking remains consistent, thanks to its four-pot, opposed piston calipers.

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Although specs và overall capability don"t exactly "paint/pave the KTM 790 Adventure S into a corner," it is the more pavement-focused xe đạp when compared to the Adventure R model. In choosing which Model khổng lồ go with riders should consider: What percentage of your riding time will be spent on vs. off-pavement, và just how rugged will that off-pavement terrain be? Choose accordingly, knowing that you"ll be smiling plenty either way.

"The KTM 790 Adventure S is the more pavement-focused bike compared lớn the Adventure R model"

In that regard, many riders don"t kết thúc up spending nearly as much time off-pavement as they envision or hope for. With pavement being installed around the world, even your path lớn Starbucks & McDonald"s may now be solid tarmac with a few tar snakes, so keep this in mind while shopping.

5. Adjustable Windshield

The 790 Adventure motorcycle comes with a large and adjustable windshield khổng lồ deflect windblasts at high speeds, và its 40milimet of vertical adjustability can be taken advantage of in less than 30 seconds, after a few rounds of practice.

"The 790 Adventure motorcycle comes with a large and adjustable windshield lớn deflect windblasts at high speeds."

Of course the kích thước và shape of a windshield, wind direction and speed, the rider"s torso, helmet of choice, direction heading, xe đạp tốc độ, posture, & other factors all go into lớn the effectiveness of a windshield. That which KTM gave us to start with makes for pretty good wind deflection, while not being too obtrusive in slow, technical riding situations.

6. Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

The Adventure S comes with an adjustable seat for riders of varying inseams or riding demands. Its simple, two-piece design for rider và passenger is easy khổng lồ remove sầu and adjust in less than a minute, và offers the right balance of width and firmness for feel và comfort.

"and it comes with an adjustable seat for riders of varying inseams or riding demands"

Frequencies & vibrations from the engine and terrain beneath are easily interpreted, with a dense foam that allows our pelvic "sit bones" to be relied upon. Instead of muscles and soft tissues supporting the rider, many riders will agree that long distance multi-day riding becomes more comfortable by applying weight & pressure where it needs khổng lồ be, in those bones. - Not sure this is true? Everyone"s different, but ask competitive road cyclists, many of whom ride on nothing more than a sheet of carbon fiber with a thin layer of leather on top, how important it is lớn be on those bones, instead of soft tissues. Yes, the first day or two can be sore, but your body toàn thân will adapt.

7. Excellent On-Road Performance

As mentioned earlier, the KTM 790 Adventure S performs extremely well for on-road conditions, while maintaining considerable prowess in the dirt. With its low center of gravity and low seat height, flipping bachồng and forth in the twisties is easy và fun. Although it"s not the most powerful adventure motorcycle in the market, the KTM"s 95 hp engine has one of the better power-to-weight rattiện ích ios in this category, và anyone with a basic understanding of physics knows how this plays out. Good luchồng getting khổng lồ sleep the night before, when you know this jumper awaits you in the morning.

"The KTM 790"s braking power comes from it"s massive sầu 320milimet twin discs"

So we know she"s got some power behind her but the stopping power is quite impressive sầu as well withit"s massive 320milimet twin discs straddled by 4 pot radial calipers up front which are responsive và strong, yet provide riders with feedbaông xã & "feel" that allows us to lớn maintain deft control. The rear wheel is fitted with a 260 milimet disc alongside a twin pot caliper, again plenty strong & responsive sầu as well.

Apart from being able to stop on the fly, she comes with electronic sida to help make riding a lot easier, safer, and more convenient. While it will take a while to familiarize all of the features, they"re ultimately quite intuitive và easy to use.

8. Useful Electronic Aids

The KTM 790 Adventure comes with various electronic sida, most notably three riding modes: Rain, Road, and Off-Road.

"The KTM 790 Adventure comes with various electronic sida, most notably three riding modes: Rain, Road, & Off-Road"

The Rain mode provides us with a reduced power supply overall, as well as a quiông chồng MTC (motorcycle traction control) intervention. On the other h&, the Road mode offers a full 95 hp while maintaining wheelspin intervention. Lastly, the Off-Road mode offers some engine power reduction and minimal MTC intervention that can also be turned off based on preference. Riders also have the option to lớn turn off ABS while in Off-Road mode.

There are also extra engine management controls for ABS & traction control while on Road mode depending on the riding conditions. Cornering ABS makes use of the motor’s braking power even when leaning through corners.

Meanwhile, off-road ABS makes sure that its rear wheel is completely disengaged from ABS while making sure that limited ABS is still provided in its front wheel. As such, you can steer the xe đạp using the rear wheel while keeping its front wheel from getting locked up, helping reduce the possibility of dreaded front wheel washouts.

"The KTM 790 Adventure also features an LED lighting system providing extra illumination when riding at night, increasing safety và visibility while on the roads"

Lastly, there’s the MSR (Motor Slip Regulation) feature which balances the engine"s effect on the rear wheel when downshifting and engine braking. The system applies a bit of throttle to keep the rear wheel from dragging, if by chance you downshift too much, too soon. In symphony with the bike"s MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control,) lean angles are also taken into consideration to avoid rear wheel slippage.

9. Lighting

The KTM 790"s LED lighting is a nice bonus for a yet reasonably-priced bike. Safe khổng lồ say, we"ve sầu all noticed how effective and clear night vision can be with such modern enhancements, so that KTM played along with these safety-conscious thoughts in mind speaks well khổng lồ the overall value here.

10. Durable Frame

The 790 Adventure’s frame is made of chrome-moly steel, which in itself is nothing exceptional. KTM’s knew that this bike was to be used by serious travelers though, some of them with passengers, & as such it"s a bike that was meant to handle both plus luggage for long trips, over varying terrains. Be sure to refer lớn those limitations however in your owner"s manual.

2019 KTM 790 Adventure S Cons

Despite being the incredible machine that the KTM 790 Adventure is, there are certain aspects of this xe đạp that other riders, and even you, might not lượt thích. Let’s get straight into what these downsides are.

1. Inaccurate Fuel Gauge

One of the areas where the KTM 790 Adventure should improve upon is its tricky, partially, uninformative fuel gauge. Just by the nature of having a split-style fuel tank slung over the engine và frame, considerably more-complicated (expensive) componentry would be needed khổng lồ get readings on the first half of fuel cấp độ.


In order lớn get an accurate measurement of your current fuel cấp độ, you’ll have to burn through more than half of the tank

While it may not sound too much of a big khuyến mãi for some, this of course can be a hassle. Maybe it"s been a while since riding, and you"re not quite sure what the fuel level would be on the "top half" of the tank, or of course the mere possibility of forgetting that the gauge is only showing the bottom half ... there is room for some inconvenience, or worse, being stranded without fuel on occasion.

2. Resetting of Traction Control and ABS Settings

Another issue we"ve found while testing the KTM 790 Adventure is losing all the settings upon hitting the killswitch, turning the key off, or accidentally killing the engine from low-revs. The bike"s Traction Control và ABS settings are excellent for safety & other ride enhancement reasons, however, at least on the 1st 790 Adventure S we bought from KTM, it"s quite an annoyance having lớn remix those every time the engine is stopped.

"The problem with these features is that each time you hit the killswitch, both settings get reset and go back khổng lồ default"

A trailside chat with a friover for a few minutes turns inlớn an extra trăng tròn seconds of clicking around each time you restart the engine, if returning khổng lồ the same settings. Might not sound lượt thích much, but it sure can be annoying. - Now, some riders have reported that their 790 Adventure S models do maintain these settings when the engine is shut off. Others have claimed that installing the Rally mode software also allows the xe đạp to lớn maintain settings. At the time of this posting, và even after researching with KTM, we have not been able lớn confirm the truth about this confusing inconvenience.

3. The Suspension is Only Adjustable from the Rear Preload Standpoint

The 790 Adventure stands atop 43mm WPhường Apex forks up front, and a WP.. Apex PDS (Progressive sầu Dampening System) shoông chồng out baông chồng. While there isn"t any adjustability in the front, và only rear shock preload adjustability, we"ve sầu been thoroughly impressed with how these components gobble-up the terrain below us. KTM did include a spanner wrench lớn make rear preload adjustments pretty quiông chồng và easy.

"The only shortcoming may be that the front suspension is non-adjustable"

KTM 790 Adventure S Overall

Overall, the KTM 790 Adventure S can be classified as having an excellent combination of on & off-pavement capabilities when compared lớn other adventure motorcycles in this mid-kích cỡ category. Others in its class have significantly less power, but also less ground clearance và suspension travel, again part of what makes the KTM such an extremely capable & versatile bike.

"The KTM 790 Adventure S"s parallel-twin engine, sporty design, great handling, durable tank, comfortable low seat height, & big bike power feel are more than enough to earn it a spot"

With its launching in Morocteo, specifically in a location that KTM regularly uses for elite rally training, it’s easy khổng lồ see who the 790 Adventure is aimed at & what it’s capable of doing. However, despite its dynamic excellence in both off-road & on-road conditions, the KTM 790 Adventure isn’t all that perfect. In fact, it might even struggle when pitted against other bikes in British showrooms where most riders prefer a softer and more accommodating bike for long-distance rides such as the Hondomain authority Africa Twin or the BMW R1200GS. There’s also Triumph’s Tiger 800 XR & the BMW F850GS which hold up well when compared khổng lồ this KTM.

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Despite all that, the KTM 790 Adventure S bike’s parallel-twin engine, sporty thiết kế, great handling, durable tank, comfortable low seat height, & big bike power feel are more than enough lớn earn it a spot in the best adventure motorcycles on the market. Again, especially for those who just aren"t interested in the big 1200cc category, this may be your perfect bike.

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