Ktm 250 duke 2021

KTM has launched the 250 Duke with ABS for Rs 1.94 lakh (ex-Delhi). With this update, KTM India’s entire range now comes with ABS. Here’s what you need lớn know about KTM’s quarter-litre sports naked.

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1. It gets dual-channel ABS:Unlike the 200 Duke that gets a single-channel ABS unit, the 250 Duke comes with dual-channel ABS like the larger 390 Duke. It, however, misses out on ABS modes lượt thích the Supermoto mode standard on the current KTM 390 Duke. You bởi get switchable ABS lượt thích that on the first-generation 390 Duke. Other braking hardware remains unchanged.


2. It has the best of both worlds:In order lớn keep costs low and khổng lồ offer a fantastic ride experience at the same time, the 250 Duke gets components from both the 200 Duke & 390 Duke. For starters, the bodywork and split trellis frame is from the more modern & sharper 390 Duke. However, khổng lồ keep costs low, it does not get the 390 Duke"s all-LED headlamp & colour TFT screen. To further keep costs in check, the 250 Duke shares its 43mm WP. upside-down front forks & WPhường rear monoshoông xã with the 200 Duke. The 300mm front Bybre disc with radial calipers và 240mm rear disc & MRF radial tyres too are the same as that of the 200 Duke.

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3. It has the performance khổng lồ match the looks.The 250 Duke gets a 248.8cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor that puts out a healthy 30PS at 9000rpm và 24Nm at 7000rpm of torque. That is 5PS & 5Nm more than the KTM 200 Duke. Under our tests, the 250 Duke managed to post a 0-60kmph time of 3.51 seconds and a 0-100kmph time of 8.49 seconds. This motor impresses in terms of performance, tractability và refinement. It runs fairly hot but is not that bothersome lớn the rider. It has shorter gear ratios that gave us a tested mileage of 41kmpl in the thành phố but drops down to lớn 35.66kmpl on the highway. Another useful addition is a slipper clutch that makes downshifting from high speeds a smooth and controlled affair.

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4. Positioning:With the 250 Duke ABS out, we now have a clearer idea of where each of KTM’s Duke products sit price-wise. The entry-cấp độ 125 Duke is priced at Rs 1.18 lakh -- for which you get fantastic underpinnings & a 125cc liquid-cooled motor that offers good performance in a non-scary manner. For Rs 42,000 more for the 200 Duke (Rs 1.60 lakh), you get a significant jump in performance courtesy its 199.5cc motor that makes 25.1PS và 19.2Nm of torque. Pay Rs 34,000 more & you get the 250 Duke that gets a more modern bodywork, new frame và a 248cc motor that makes 5PS and 5Nm more than the 200 Duke.


For Rs 50,000 more you can get the 390 Duke. Sitting at the top of the KTM India food chain, the 390 Duke gets more features lượt thích LED headlamps, full-colour TFT screen và ABS modes. Its highlight is its 373cc liquid-cooled motor that makes 43PS and 37Nm of torque. To keep performance in kiểm tra, it gets high-spec open cartridge WPhường front forks và a larger 320mm front disc.


Competition:Being a 250cc sports naked, the KTM 250 Duke ABS does not have any direct competition. However, there are other bikes you could buy for more or less the same price as the Duke. The Hondomain authority CBR250R (RS 1.95 lakh) is a sports tourer that was updated with LED headlamps & minor cosmetic revisions. Its USP is its torquey and refined motor và a suspension package that is comfortable for touring. However, it does feel dated when compared khổng lồ the lathử nghiệm crop of sportsbikes và even its very own CB300R.

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Another good option for touring is the Bajaj Dominar 400 (Rs 1.63 lakh). Its USP. is performance courtesy a revised 390 Duke motor và a very bright LED headlamp. However, we would suggest you wait for the new và more powerful Dominar 400 that"s just around the corner. If retro is your thing, you could look at the Royal Enfield Classic 500 (Rs 1.85 lakh) that offers classic styling and that signature RE thump from its torquey 500cc motor. Another good option from RE is the Himalayan (Rs 1.8 lakh, all prices ex-showroom Delhi), which has proper ADV roots that can take you far off the road but could bởi with more performance from its 400cc motor.

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