2020 kia sorento prices, reviews, & pictures

Highs Simple interior layout, agreeable driving experience, seating for seven in a mid-size toàn thân. Lows Difficult-to-access third row, numb steering, some safety features limited to upper trims. Verdict For three rows of seating in an un-huge SUV, the Sorento lớn is tough to beat.


Although the crossover kingdom is vast in 20trăng tròn, the Kia Sorenkhổng lồ stands out for its convenient size. It"s about the same length as a typical two-row mid-form size SUV, yet this Kia packs in three rows of seating. So if you"ve reached that point in family life when seating for five sầu isn"t enough but you simply won"t go minivan, the seven-passenger Sorento lớn is worth a look. If the seating layout earns your approval, the Kia"s pleasant interior, long standard features menu and generous warranty may just seal the khuyễn mãi giảm giá.

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What’s New for 2020?

Changes are minimal on the 20trăng tròn Kia Sorento lớn. There are modest styling updates front và rear, và Kia has consolidated the tryên levels và packaging on V-6 models. The ritzy SX Limited & its lofty price are gone, but the one-step-down SX provides most of the important content. The standard navigation system on SX models now includes an integrated modem that allows you lớn control certain vehicle functions remotely and can notify you if you inadvertently leave a kid in the back seat.

Pricing và Which One khổng lồ Buy

Although the EX has everything you really need in a 2020 Kia Sorenlớn, including the V-6 that we consider a must, the Sorenlớn SX is the best value in our eyes. It"s the only way to get Kia"s excellent factory navigation system in your Sorenlớn. Plus, you get a 14-way powered driver"s seat with memory, a powered passenger"s seat (not available in the lower trims), a surround-view camera, và front parking sensors. All-wheel drive sầu is an $1800 proposition on all Sorentos except for the front-drive-only base Mã Sản Phẩm, L.

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Engine, Transmission, & Performance

The Sorento"s V-6 acquits itself well against competitors in both the two- & three-row classes. The V-6 almost matches the sportier-driving Mazdomain authority CX-9 lớn 60 mph with a 7.2-second result, though it"s outpaced by the more powerful V-6 version of the GMC Acadia. We"ve sầu yet khổng lồ demo the base four-cylinder engine, but its 185 horsepower would likely strain in a ute of this kích cỡ.

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The Sorento lớn isn"t as fun to lớn drive sầu as the CX-9, with a tendency khổng lồ lean more in turns than we"d prefer, và the steering can feel numb & disconnected. Those shortcomings only surface when you"re hustling down a twisty baông chồng road, however. Overall, comfort và composure are strong, và the Sorenkhổng lồ never feels lượt thích a bloated school bus. Three driving modes (Normal, Eco, and Sport) adjust throttle response, steering effort, and the transmission"s shift points, but nothing much changes the Sorento"s relaxed character.

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