The Seltos takes premiumness onkhổng lồ a different plane—the unique of the material used matches what you see in premium cars such as BMW or Audi.

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utility, comfort & luxury.

In the 1985 sci-fi classic ‘Bachồng to lớn the Future’, Marty McFly travels baông chồng in time khổng lồ repair history. If most carmakers in India want to create a sản phẩm as good as the Seltos, và vày it fast, they too need khổng lồ travel bachồng to lớn their drawing boards, repair old concepts, và think inlớn the future. Kia Motors India is marketing the Seltos as badass; it might as well call it brutal and brilliant. We drive it in Goa.

How does it look?

The Seltos has the most modern exterior thiết kế amongst all SUVs in India. It has a large front grille—called the Tiger nose, a unique Kia thiết kế element—& a lot of LED lights all over the toàn thân. The jewellery-inspired LED headlamps with DRLs are unique. The top-end variants that we drove sầu look premium, even though there appears to lớn be an overuse of chrome at some places. It has 13 body paint options: eight colours & five sầu two-tone colour options. And yes, there is a sunroof.

How is the cabin?The Seltos takes premiumness onto lớn a different plane—the quality of the material used matches what you see in premium cars such as BMW or Audi. It has a lounge-lượt thích cabin (with features such as mood lighting, a large 10.25-inch touchscreen, và the driving position has a commanding view of all things outside). The top-kết thúc variants have an 8.0-inch head-up display system (it projects relevant driving information, such as navigation & speed, on khổng lồ a glass panel behind the steering wheel). Space is enough for five sầu adults.Is it loaded with technology?In this age of ‘connected cars’, how could Kia have sầu left behind? The Seltos has Hyundẻo Venue-like connectivity features. The technology that powers it is called the UVO—available for both Android và iOS, & has a three-year không lấy phí subscription—& it offers smart features. Like the Venue, the Seltos can also be tracked remotely, & sitting in your office you can switch on the engine và the AC (using the UVO app on your smartphone). You can even check tyre pressure on the UVO phầm mềm, as well as fuel cấp độ. A very usable feature is a remotely-operated air purifier và in-oto air unique monitor.

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Which engines power it?There is a choice of three BS6-compliant engines (petrol, turbo petrol and diesel) & four gearboxes (6-speed manual, 7-tốc độ dual-clutch transmission, intelligent variable automatic transmission & 6-speed automatic). There is no AMT as an option. The engines offer different driving modes—Normal, Eteo và Thể Thao. And lượt thích some 4×4 SUVs, the Seltos has multiple grip controls (mud, wet and sand modes), but it’s not an all-wheel drive sầu SUV.How does it drive?1.4-litre turbo petrol (GDI): It produces 140PS power and 242Nm torque. Acceleration is intense—it flies from 0-100kph in just 9.7 seconds. Even at high speeds on wet roads, as we found out in a rainy Goa, the Seltos rides sticking to the road. The steering feedback—the mechanical signals that the front tyres sover to lớn the steering wheel—is accurate, và you feel every bump and dip in the road through the steering wheel. This leads khổng lồ safer driving. The claimed fuel efficiency is 16.1kpl (MT) and 16.5kpl (DCT).1.5-litre diesel (VGT): It produces 115PS power & 250Nm torque, và accelerates from 0-100kph in 11.5 seconds. The claimed fuel efficiency is 21kpl (MT) và 18kpl (automatic). We drove sầu the 6-tốc độ automatic, which shifts gears quite fast, & a good thing about the diesel is that the engine noise barely enters the cabin.1.5-litre petrol: It produces 115PS power và 144Nm torque. There are two gearbox choices: 6-speed MT and IVT automatic. It accelerates from 0-100kph in 11.8 seconds, và the claimed fuel efficiency is 16.5kpl (MT) & 16.8kpl (IVT). All three engines—especially turbo petrol—are bizarrely sublime, but their claimed fuel efficiency leaves more khổng lồ be desired.Should you buy one?We expect the Seltos lớn be priced in the Rs 10-16 lakh range, and at that price-point it’s a brilliant vehicle—one that has features generally found in cars almost twice as expensive. The top-end variants are so well equipped that you simply won’t desire anything else from a oto. From a macroeconomic point of view, while the Seltos may or may not expand the car market in India, it will certainly hit the sales of vehicles such as Hyundai Creta and most sedans in the Rs 10-đôi mươi lakh range.(Kia will launch the Seltos, & announce its price, on August 22.)

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