Currently, at a price of Rs 3.18 lakh (ex-showroom), Nin-Ja 300 acts as the entry-màn chơi product of Kawasaki in India

While Kawasaki is fending off competition from other superbike brands across the globe, the best way to lớn counter them is lớn press the foot down and launch new attractive sầu products for itself. The iconic Japanese moniker was able to pull a large section of riders by launching its entry-cấp độ supersport motorcycle Ninja ZX-25R in Asia và nước Australia in July last year.

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The range also comprises other middleweight supersport bikes such as Nin-Ja ZX-6R và Nin-Ja ZX-10R. With all three motorcycles widely applauded for their performance và dynamics, rumours suggest that Team Green is now planning to expand the ZX lineup by introducing a new Ninja ZX-4R.

New Nin-Ja ZX-4R

Reports indicate that this new Nin-Ja ZX-4R will most likely be based on the smaller ZX-25R instead of the larger ZX-6R in order lớn keep the cost in kiểm tra in various markets across the world. Nin-Ja 25-R’s platform could prove sầu lớn be more cost-effective since it can be extended khổng lồ accommodate a slightly bigger Mã Sản Phẩm. For example, the front alloy wheel can house a dual disc set-up which could double up the anchorage power for ZX-4R.

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Updated Powertrain

The ZX-4R, lượt thích other models in the series, will be powered by a high-revving inline four-cylinder motor but carrying a displacement of 400cc. Murmurs going around claim that this engine has been built by enlarging the bore of the ZX-25R while also adding a new mix of crank and pistons.

Kawasaki ZX25R

This will be complemented by an updated ECU khổng lồ ramp up the power và torque output. However, no official output figures have been revealed yet.

While ZX-25R pushes out 50 bhp, the enlarged motor in ZX-4R could likely churn out 65 horses. This would make it around trăng tròn bhp more powerful than the 400cc parallel-twin motor of the standard Nin-Ja 400.

Figures like these would put it against the likes of more premium supersport motorcycles such as Aprilia RS660 & the upcoming Yamaha R7. To handle the extra firepower, Ninja ZX-4R could be equipped with more premium hardware.

Updated Dynamics

This will include a pair of inverted forks at front, a linked mono-shoông xã at rear, twin front discs with radial calipers và a single disc at rear. It is also likely lớn offer features lượt thích a bi-directional quick-shifter, a traction control system and multiple riding modes as standard. At this point in time, everything is mere speculation but if indeed such a motorcycle based on ZX-25R is in development, it shouldn’t be too long before it comes out.

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