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Your Visit. Your Choice. Video Visits is pleased lớn offer medical appointments by video khổng lồ safely connect you with your provider (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) from the comfort of your home. A Clip appointment will allow you khổng lồ have sầu consistent ways of getting care without having lớn go to lớn an in-person healthcare site. 

Don"t delay your visit. Schedule a secure, real-time, video appointment with your doctor today. 

Already scheduled? Make sure you have everything necessary khổng lồ conduct your Gọi. See below for detailed instructions, tips and FAQs. 

Video Visits – Get Started

If scheduling a Clip visit, it is recommended you complete the steps below 24 hours in advance of your appointment. We look forward lớn serving your healthcare needs!

xuất hiện Video
xuất hiện Video
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We are offering video & telephone visits to lower your chances of coming in liên hệ with individuals who may have sầu COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection.

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Choosing to have sầu a Clip or telephone visit means you will get your care on the day of your appointment from the comfort of your home page. You will not have sầu to lớn delay your visit. prioritizes the safety of your information during video clip visits. Our IT department follows CDC recommendations for the added security of your medical information. Prior khổng lồ your Clip visit, the staff will provide you with detailed instructions that will ensure your visit is private and protected.

If you are able lớn connect to the mạng internet by phone, tablet or computer, we ask that you schedule a Clip visit. If you vì not have a video-capable device, then you may have sầu a telephone visit.

Video Visit: you will need a smart phone, tablet or computer with camera.Telephone Visit: You will only need your telephone to lớn complete this visit.

Video và telephone visits will be billed lớn your insurance. Some insurance companies are waiving patient responsibility amounts (copay, coinsurance, deductible) và are allowing đoạn Clip & telephone visits temporarily as a covered service. Please contact your insurance plan for policy specifics.

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Due to variations in state guidelines, we offer virtual visits to:

New & established patients who are physically located at the time of service in Virginia.Established patients who are physically located at the time of service out-of-state in either Maryland or DC.Newestablished patients who are physically located at the time of service out-of-state in any other state where the provider is duly licensed to lớn practice.

We bởi not offer virtual visits to lớn new or established patients located outside of the Unites States due lớn international restrictions.

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COVID-19 Specific Services through Video Visits

We currently offer COVID-19 specific services through virtual visits for new and established patients who are located out-of-state at the time of the visit even if the provider is only licensed to lớn practice in Virginia. This applies only during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Virtual Visits – Your Visit. Your Choice. makes it easy for you by offering phone, đoạn phim & online visits through your personal health record. Find out which one is right for you. 

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