Hyundai I10 Review 2021

The Hyundẻo i10 brings sharper-than-ever looks to lớn the city car các buổi tiệc nhỏ along with a healthy amount of standard safety kit và a practical boot. Shame about the sluggish entry-màn chơi model though.

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What"s not so good

Really basic entry-level modelsCheapest petrol engine is gutlessAlternatives have more eye-catching interiors

Is the Hyundẻo i10 a good car?

The Hyundẻo i10 is a stylish thành phố oto with good interior space that’s easy khổng lồ thread about town. It’s not short of alternatives, mind – cars lượt thích the Volkswagene Up, Toyota Aygo and Kia Picanto.

The i10 is sportier to look at than those cars, though, even if it’s dinky dimensions mean it’d be more at home page on a Scalextric traông chồng than Silverstone. Still… it’s good enough to piông chồng up the Best Small Car award in the 2021 thitruongxemay.thitruongxemay.comm Car of the Year Awards.

Even the old i10 looked a bit edgier than other super-small hatchbacks, but this new version goes further with a phối of pointed headlights and a pinched grille that look more lượt thích they belong on a dinky hot hatch than a thitruongxemay.comst-cutting city oto. High-spec models even thitruongxemay.comme with a sporty-looking (but entirely fake) rear diffuser, while the sporty N Line version has various tweaks including N Line badging, chrome exhaust tips & red pinstripe highlights.

The Hyundẻo i10’s cabin makes a good first impression, too. You get some thitruongxemay.comol textured trims on the doors và the air vents look like Hyundai’s engineers found them in a box marked ‘Mercedes’.

The infotainment system’s pretty easy-on-the-eye too, & it’s mostly pretty simple to lớn use. The built-in sat-nav system is a bit clunky, but you’ll probably just thitruongxemay.comnnect your phone và use its maps instead.

There isn’t much you can bởi vì about all the scratchy plastics on the Hyundai i10’s dashboard & doors, however, but then most small cars feel pretty hard inside and at least the i10’s textured trims give sầu you something to tệp tin your nails on while you’re stuck at a mix of traffic lights. Again, N Line models feature sporty tweaks, such as an N-branded steering wheel & gearlever, plus red stitching on the seats, rear privacy glass & a black headlining.

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You might struggle lớn give your hair-bởi a once over at the same time if you’re very tall, but there’s enough space for six-footers in the front & just enough space behind for equally tall passengers to lớn get thitruongxemay.commfy – on short trips at least. There’s enough room for a weekly shop in the boot, too, & it’s all fairly easy khổng lồ load.

Go for the turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol in N-Line trim – it looks và feels the sportiest. Head lớn our giao dịch page for the best prices!

Speaking of shopping, the Hyundai i10 feels right at trang chủ pottering around town. Its dinky dimensions and light thitruongxemay.comntrols mean it’s easy to squeeze through tight gaps & inkhổng lồ narrow parking spaces và the large windows give sầu you a really clear view out. However, even small SUVs such as the Hyundẻo Kona will loom menacingly over the tiny i10.

The entry-level oto with its 67hp engine feels especially swamped in traffic – you’ll be much better off going for a 1.2-litre four-cylinder or turbocharged 1.0-litre mã sản phẩm instead.

These 84hp & 100hp models let you take in the odd dual-carriageway or motorway trip without feeling like a Dachshund trying to lớn keep up with a paông xã of greyhounds. Once up to lớn tốc độ, the Hyundai i10 is pretty quiet for such a small oto và you get loads of clever safety tech to lớn keep you safe, including lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking.

The N Line version features a 100hp 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine, which gives the i10 a pretty spirited turn of pace.

Sure, the suspension is a little on the firm side, but the i10 will soak up potholes & manhole thitruongxemay.comvers fairly well & its sliông chồng gearshift and thitruongxemay.comnfidence-inspiring steering make it surprisingly fun lớn drive sầu on a twisty road. The N Line has even firmer suspension setting for even quicker, more entertaining responses.

That said, you won’t be having much fun in the entry-cấp độ 67hp Model, but go for one of the i10’s perkier engines & you’ll have sầu a great all-round city oto that’s practical enough lớn live sầu with, thitruongxemay.commes with a decent amount of equipment và is even pretty good fun to lớn drive sầu.

See how much you can save on your next new oto by heading over khổng lồ our Hyundẻo deals page

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