Giá xe honda vision 2021 & thông tin mới nhất tháng 10/2021

Honda Vision 2021 Price List

Biến thể Giá Thông số
Honda Vision Fashion 29,99 ₫ Million*



Overview Vision


The Japanese manufacturer – Honda has been globally recognized for crafting awe-inspiring, powerful engine, superb handling & value for money reliable two-wheeler. Coming from the veterans another masterpiece, Vision 110 is an absolute stunner nonetheless. The brand new Vision 110 revolutionized the concept of the thành phố scooter & sets a global benchmark for excellence. The Vision 110 is apt for all your excursions, whether you are riding around the town, or heading for work during packed hours. The scooter is powered by a 108cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, which delivers a perfect balance of performance và fuel economy, saving you trips khổng lồ the petrol pump. With a stylish outlook, easy khổng lồ use control, superb handling và decent boot space, Vision 110 makes for an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá daily commuter. Its compact kiến thiết and 14-inch wheels, allow you lớn zip across the traffic effortlessly.

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The new fuel-injection system delivers best in class fuel economy and also meets the Euro 3 standards.Attractive styling further accentuated by three vibrant colors, that can turn heads on the road.New Combined Braking System that offers effortless braking.Lightweight chassis và compact dimensions allow rider to lớn easily zip across jam-packed traffic.


A combination of small tyres and mediocre suspension components results in Vision being a neutral handler.Storage space under the saddle is inadequate and can only store one helmet.

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Design plays a crucial role in making any model standout from its competitors. To ensure Vision outshine other bikes, Hondomain authority has bestowed its city scooter with a distinctive yet stylish look. The Vision features taut surfaces, along with sharp cuts and lines, with dynamic looking headlights và slanted indicators which bestow an aggressive look khổng lồ the scooter. In the rear, the scooter gets stylish tail-lights with aluminium rear rack, that accentuates its rear profile. Honda has ensured to keep the bike sllặng and compact and has blessed it with well-proportioned dimensions measuring at 1.863mm x 686milimet x 1.088milimet along with a wheelbase of 1.256mm. The scooter"s dashboard is strategically designed to lớn provide the rider with easy controls. Hondomain authority Vision is equipped with a minimalistic instrument panel, along with easy to lớn use Indicator touch-control, horn button và headlight beam-switch. The scooter is also made available in three vibrant colors to lớn suit your individual style.


 Honda VisionYamaha Nozza
Length1863 mm1795 mm
Width686 mm685 mm
Height1088 mm1080 mm
Wheel Base1256 mm1250 mm
Ground Clearance139 mm115 mm
Kerb Weight102 kg115 kg

Engine, Economy & Performance

The new Vision is equipped with a more advanced 108cc four stroke engine which offers ample performance along with superb fuel efficiency, which makes it an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá city ride. This two-wheeler draws power from a potent 108cc air-cooled, 4-stoke, single cylinder engine which has the has the propensity to generate a maximum power of 8.9HP made at 7500 rpm with an utmost torque value of 9.2 Nm made at 5500 rpm. The Vision gets an advanced fuel injection system, that makes the scooter environment-friendly, meeting the triệu Euro 3 standards và also delivering excellently fuel economy. The scooter gives a combined mileage of 45kmpl, cut shorting your trips to the petrol pump. The new engine, not only offers great mileage but also delivers top performance. The Vision 110 runs at a top speed of 55mph, which is apt for all your city excursions.

Engine Comparison

 Hondomain authority VisionYamaha Nozza
EngineAir-cooled,4stroke, 1cylinderAir-cooled, 4stroke, 1cylinder
Power8.9 hp
7500 rpm
7.2 hp
7500 rpm
Torque9.27 Nm
5500 rpm
7.6 Nm
5500 rpm
Fuel Economy45kmpl53kmpl


For a relaxed ergonomics and superb handling, Hondomain authority has loaded the new Vision 110 with a plethora of novelties, lớn ease rider comfort. The Vision is based on a lightweight & slim chassis, which bestows nimble handling, & zips effortlessly around the town. Hondomain authority has ensured lớn keep the Vision 110 lightweight at 102Kg which allows the rider swift movements in the city. The scooter also gets 14-inch alloy wheels, which offers superb road stability. The Vision also gets a premium upholstery saddle, with a low height of 755mm for more relaxed ergonomics. The Vision also comes with large storage space under the seats lớn accommodate all your knichồng knacks.

Safety, Braking, and Miscellaneous

Being an everyday commuter, Vision"s proper safety mechanism was a must, và Hondomain authority has left no stone unturned to lớn ensure this. This Japanese brand has equipped the new Vision 11- with a high-kết thúc braking mechanism consisting of 220 milimet single petal disc in the front và 130 mm drum brakes in the rear, which offers a superb braking power and enhanced braking confidence. To handle the suspension duties excellently, the xe đạp comes integrated with telescopic forks with hydraulic damping in the front và unit swingarm suspension in the rear kết thúc. This scooter is integrated with Combined Braking System (CBS), which liên kết the front and rear brakes lớn provide swift, stable braking, regardless of rider experience or road conditions.


The Vision 110 is an igiảm giá everyday use thành phố scooter, thanks to lớn its potent engine, which delivers the perfect balance between ample power and excellent fuel efficiency. In the price range, Hondomain authority offers a great deal to consumers. Though, chất lượng wise the Vision in not the best scooter in the market, but apart from few shortcomings, Vision is a great scooter, which is attracting many young riders.

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