2020 honda cbf190x goes on sale in china

Hondomain authority has launched the MY2020 CBF190X in Đài Loan Trung Quốc. In its 2020 avatar, the small-capađô thị adventure tourer gets cosmetic updates và a new exhaust.

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Shares design elements with the larger CB500X:


Despite having a small-capathành phố motor, the CBF190X gets proper ADV styling & looks like a larger tourer. It’s body toàn thân panels like the fairing and fuel tank look similar khổng lồ Honda’s larger adventure tourer, the CB500X. However, unlượt thích the CB500X, the CBF190X has a V-shaped headlamp, a flatter windscreen, và more scalloped single-seat unit. The 20trăng tròn version gets fresh graphics and a conventional upswept exhaust. In terms of features, the motorcycle gets all-LED lighting và a digital instrument console with a USB port mounted near it.

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It has a torquey motor:


The Hondomain authority CBF190X gets a 184.4cc air-cooled and fuel-injected motor. The 20đôi mươi model makes 0.81PS and 1Nm more than its predecessor & delivers 16.85PS at 8000rpm and 16.3Nm at 7000rpm. The motor has been tuned to deliver better low to mid-range grunt & has a top speed of 107kmph.

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The small-capathành phố adventure tourer gets long travel upside-down forks & monoshock. It misses out on off-road capability with road-biased tyres fitted on 17-inch alloy wheels. That’s disappointing given that the motorcycle comes fitted with an engine bash plate và has a decent 150mm ground clearance. Braking is via disc brakes at both ends with Nissin calipers và a single-channel ABS thiết đặt.

Unlikely khổng lồ come lớn India soon:


Hondomain authority is planning to lớn get its 500cc range of motorcycles to India. Also with the company making its products meet BS6 norms & the ongoing pandemic causing huge losses to lớn the manufacturer & dealers alượt thích, we bởi not expect the small-capađô thị adventure tourer to come to India soon. While the Honda CBF190X is not coming here anytime soon, we do get the Hero XPulse 200 BS6 adventure motorcycle và for an extra premium the more capable Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6

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