Honda Cb150 Verza Motorcycle: Price, Review, Specs And Features

You have jthitruongxemay.comt got lớn love those calls when a xe đạp manufacturer rings you up and asks you to lớn modify one of their street naked bikes for an upcoming launch. We most certainly do, & when Honda Astra Indonesia gave a buzz late last year asking if we‚Äôd be interested in cthitruongxemay.comtomising the rerelease mã sản phẩm of their CB150 Versa, we said yeah without much thought at all. Our Bengkel Boys had jthitruongxemay.comt laid down their spanners from modifying four CRF 250 Rally‚Äôs they did a whirlwind build on so they would be ready in time for the Swank Rally and you could tell they were pretty keen lớn get onto a single bike. Something to hold their rather than the storm the builds had been. Besides, they were pretty happy that this would be a project with more of a road bent. The brief was khổng lồ deliver up the type of bike we‚Äôd ride here in Bali. A bumpy road brute with downtown Canggu appeal. The only stipulation from Honda was the fuel tank needed to be kept. Yeah, well, you see, we‚Äôre not good at following directions and when the lines of our ideas started going in a different direction, we may have left the tank but that wasn‚Äôt before we sliced some bits out of it and repositioned it on the frame. In this bike, we wanted lớn capture the essence of living in Bali and moreover the type of bikes we‚Äôd build for ourselves to lớn get to work on. The type of bike you love khổng lồ throw a leg over to rip over to mate‚Äôs places. The early morning workhorse you whack racks on khổng lồ fly to lớn the beach and kiểm tra the surf. The sort of bike that, without thought or ordeal, would be ready there to transport you to lớn other parts of the island on fun, sun và yes, those surf orientated trips. We think we nailed it. What bởi vì you reckon? Here"s a little promo vid. The bits & bods‚Ķ Front Tubeless Tire 110/80 18‚Äù Avon Distanzia Rear Tubeless Tire 120/80 18‚Äù Avon Distanzia Front & Rear Alloy Rim 18‚Äù 41mm Telescopic Front Sthitruongxemay.compension 7‚Äù Day Maker Headlight Cthitruongxemay.comtom Headlight Grill Analog/Digital Speedometer Tachometer Japanese ‚ÄòHurricane‚Äô Handle bars Japanese ‚ÄòPosh‚Äô Handlebar Grips Japanese ‚ÄòPosh‚Äô Switches Aftermarket Indicators và Brake Lights Existing Fuel Tank; cut, modified and repositioned. Cthitruongxemay.comtom Sub Frame Cthitruongxemay.comtom Leather Seat with embroidered Honda logo Cthitruongxemay.comtom Exhathitruongxemay.comt System Cthitruongxemay.comtom Aluminium Front và Rear Fenders Cthitruongxemay.comtom Aluminium Side Covers Turned Aluminium Foot Pegs Cthitruongxemay.comtom Surf Board Racks Surf Board

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