2019 honda civic review, pricing, and specs

Hondomain authority has a well-deserved reputation for making well-built, well-engineered cars, & that holds true across its entire lineup. Fuel-efficient và spacious, most Hondas are both enjoyable lớn drive sầu và boast solid reliability. Themid-form size Accord family sedan, a longtime 10Best award winner, is Honda"s bread and butter. Honda knows how to lớn have sầu fun, too, with models such as the exciting & sporty Civic Si & thehot-hatch Civic Type R. Thepractical CR-V compact SUV is its most popular offering. Honda also offers more offbeat models such as the versatile Ridgeline pickup & family-friendly people haulers such as theOdyssey minivan and thePilot SUV.

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With a fresh look, a refined interior, & updated tech features, the all-new 2022 Honda Civic is poised to lớn retain its position atop the compact car segment.

As Hondomain authority begins its journey khổng lồ an all-electric future, its partnership with General Motors will spawn the 2024 Prologue EV, which we expect will take the khung of an SUV.


While the next-gene Honda Civic Type R will have sầu a more mature appearance, we expect the hot hatchbaông chồng to lớn be even more powerful and fun lớn lap at the racetrack.


A full rekiến thiết for 2022 could put the Hondomain authority HR-V bachồng in contention with the best small SUVs. Expect khổng lồ see the new HR-V unveiled by the over of 2021.

While the name suggests it will turn a road trip inlớn a grvà adventure, the Honda Odyssey is more likely to lớn be appreciated for its day-to-day practicality.

The 2021 Honda Accord reigns supreme ahy vọng family sedans thanks lớn its balanced performance và handling, spacious cabin, và undeniable value.

With a fun-to-drive nature, a practical cabin, và many trims lớn choose, the 2021 Hondomain authority Civic is an even better compact car than its reputation would suggest.

The Honda Civic Type R might hurt the eyes & disappoint the ears, but its terrific driving behavior will still enchant the senses.

If you"re looking for cutting-edge alternative-fuel giải pháp công nghệ, the Hondomain authority Clarity, which offers two very different powertrains, is a good place lớn start.

The Honda CR-V has all the desirable qualities you could want in a compact SUV: fuel efficiency, interior versatility, and an abundance of modern technology.

The words "subcompact" & "spacious" usually don"t go together, but the 2021 Honda HR-V defies its petite classification with creative packaging.

The Hondomain authority Insight combines the impressive sầu fuel economy that hybrid shoppers seek with a pleasant thiết kế & a comfortable driving experience.

With a spacious interior, comfy seats, và space for plenty of gear, the Hondomain authority Odyssey is a great choice for modern families—and it sports a fresh look.

The spacious và powerful Passport is highly functional & pleasant to lớn drive, making it one of our top-rated mid-form size SUVs.

With a spacious cabin and a proficient engine, the Honda Pilot is plenty functional for a three-row crossover, but it"s also largely forgettable.

The Hondomain authority Ridgeline can"t match the capabilities of its mid-form size rivals, but it"s a lot more refined on the road and its cabin is far more practical.

Among family sedans, the Honda Accord is number one because it"s efficient, practical, and genuinely fun to drive sầu.

With a fun driving experience, a practical interior, & many versions to choose, the Honda Civic is an even better compact oto than its reputation would suggest.

The Civic Si has polarizing styling và lacks a hatchbaông chồng toàn thân style, but its driver engagement and functional cabin make it a premier performance value.

The 2020 Hondomain authority Civic Type R looks wild và has razor-sharp handling, but the hot hatchback is also surprisingly comfortable & can be driven every day.

It doesn"t quite drive sầu lượt thích a regular Honda, but the Clarity offers two high-tech powertrains, a high-quality interior, & an easygoing cruising demeanor.

The CR-V offers a classy cabin, fuel-efficient engines, và a voluminous cargo hold; buyers looking for a refined and practical SUV will not be disappointed.

What the Fit lacks in personality it multiplies twofold in practicality, with a magically spacious baông xã seat và phenomenal fuel economy.

The 20đôi mươi Hondomain authority HR-V has outstanding cargo space that aligns with some larger SUVs and crossovers as well as impressive sầu fuel economy that rivals smaller cars.

With the normal looks of an everyday sedan, the Insight offers excellent fuel economy & great ride và handling.

The 2020 Odyssey may not seem very cool, but the Hondomain authority minivan is the perfect tool for the modern family.

The Passport has few covetous qualities, but its cavernous interior & standard driver-assistance tech make it one of the best mid-size crossovers.

Honda seemingly supplies an SUV for every family or lifestyle, & the three-row 20đôi mươi Pilot sits at the top of the kích cỡ staông chồng.

The Ridgeline isn"t the strongest or most capable pickup truông chồng, but its unrivaled comfort and quality features make it appeal khổng lồ a wider audience.

The 2019 Civic epitomizes compact-oto excellence with its phối of practicality và a fun-to-drive personality.

Not only is the Civic Si ahy vọng the best performance values in the country; we named it one of our 10Best Cars.

Whether powered by electricity, gasoline, or hydroren, the Honda Clarity brings you the future today.

The 2019 CR-V is a triple threat: it packs a host of high-tech equipment, impressive fuel economy, and copious cargo space.

Honda"s Fit is aptly named: You can fit much more stuff inside it than in any other subcompact thanks khổng lồ its boxy shape and multi-way folding rear seats.

Hondomain authority is taking its Insight hybrid down a different path than many other companies have followed with their gasoline-electric fuel sippers.

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The Passport is back—but this time, it"s a far cry from the rebadged Isuzu SUV that wore this name in the 1990s—and it"s quite good.

With a high seating position, kid-friendly interior, & vast cargo space, the 2019 Honda Pilot has what it takes to lớn win over suburb-dwelling parents.

Transcending pickup-truck tropes, the Honda Ridgeline tosses tradition to the wind with unconventional comfort & ingenious features.

The 2018 Hondomain authority Civic, in any of its various configurations & trim levels, is versatile, fuel-efficient, comfortable, and a joy to drive sầu.

The 2018 Honda Civic Si is a rare performance mã sản phẩm that combines corner-carving agility with daily-driver ride và practicality.

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R thrills enthusiasts with a potent engine, smooth manual gearbox, and tenacious grip, while also serving as a capable daily driver.

The 2018 Hondomain authority Fit offers good value, with lots of features, a cavernous interior, and clever storage solutions, but some rivals are more fun lớn drive sầu.

The 2018 Honda Odyssey offers modern families maximum seating comfort, a wealth of tech features, và the best possible minivan-driving experience.

The 2018 Hondomain authority Pilot has a lot to lớn offer buyers in the market for a practical, comfortable family-hauler with a svào engine & a cavernous interior.

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline boasts a stout powertrain, an attractive sầu & well-equipped interior, car-lượt thích ride, và extremely clever storage solutions.

The Accord, with its practicality, driving verve sầu, long các mục of standard features, and affordability, continues to be a mid-form size segment leader.

The Civic Si is a value-priced performance Mã Sản Phẩm that combines corner-carving agility with daily-driver practicality.

The Civic Type R will thrill enthusiasts with its potent engine, effortless manual gearbox, and tenacious grip, while also serving as a practical daily driver.

The Honda HR-V manages khổng lồ combine the fuel-efficiency of a small oto with the versatility & cargo room of an SUV.

The năm nhâm thìn CR-Z is an ambitious attempt at making a sporty hybrid, but its performance doesn’t match its adventurous styling.

With the removal of its gas engine, the Fit EV loses everything we love sầu about that car and replaces it with a higher price tag và 82-mile range.

The limited-edition FCX Clarity is an electric oto that makes its own power using a hydrogen-fed fuel cell.

For sale since 2003, the boxy Element continues lớn offer spacious accommodations và a lot of cargo space.

Honda’s two-seat, four-wheel sportbike offers rear-drive roadster fun in a spectacularly balanced chassis.

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