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Let’s not beat around the bush. The motorcycles built by Harley Davidson have never been hot favourites in the cà phê racer scene. During my 14 years of featuring cà phê racer builds on these pages, the most hotly debated and often hated bikes have been built on Harley platforms. 

Not one to lớn be put off by other people’s opinions, I’ve persisted with featuring Harley Davidson coffe racers. Và now, to prove a hog can make a decent coffe racer, here’s our very own selection of the đứng đầu 10 Harley Davidson coffe racers.

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H-D Haters Be Hating…

All the negative feedback I’ve seen about Harley Davidson cà phê racers boils down to lớn 2 somewhat ignorant opinions.

The first is that some so-called coffe racer aficionados seem to have an aversion khổng lồ the bar and shield. Perhaps that’s because of Harley’s ties khổng lồ the chopper scene? After all that style of xe đạp is very far removed from the coffe racer ethos. Or maybe it’s more basic than that và simply comes down to a difference in opinions or tastes.

The other point often made is that Harley’s are slow, heavy machines. This supposedly makes them unsuitable for the coffe treatment. It is indeed true that Harleys tend to be heavy. They are after all built for cruising as opposed to canyon carving or track days. But there are many ways to lớn shave weight from any bike và Harley’s are no different.

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As for slow. That’s an opinion I can only put down to a lack of knowledge. Sure a stock Sportster 1200 isn’t going khổng lồ give the latest 1200cc Thruxton RS a run for its money down the ¼ mile – but with a bit of work that v-twin can really sing. It isn’t uncommon khổng lồ see a 60 hp Sportsters affordably hopped up to over 100 hp. With that much power nguồn on tap the Thruxton RS would definitely be feeling nervous.

Regardless of which side of the Harley Davidson fence you sit on. We’re sure you’ll agree these 10 Harley Davidson coffe racers lay those opinions to rest.


Greaser Garage Buell XB12SS

A space framed sports xe đạp seems an unlikely candidate for a cà phê racer build. Despite this Greaser Garage built this Harley Davidson powered cà phê racer using a Buell XB12SS platform.

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