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Suzuki GZ150 launch in India on the cards? Update: Suzuki India khổng lồ Launch 150cc Cruiser On 5-6th Nov

In an exclusive sầu sneaking bit which has landed in our inbox, we have sầu learnt that Suzuki intends to lớn sell a new cruiser motorcycle in India – the GZ150! One company dealer reveals that that GZ150 is being prepared for an Indian launch.

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What is GZ150?

GZ150 is an entry màn chơi small chopper which Suzuki sells in some countries. According khổng lồ what we can traverse online, GZ150 is sold in countries like Vietphái nam, Colombia etc. It is powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder, fuel injected SOHC 150 cc engine which is paired with a 5-tốc độ gearbox.


Owing khổng lồ the nibít it belongs lớn, it has a long wheelbase of 1460 mm, và is 2250 mm long. Being a low-slung motorcycle, it has a seat height of only 710 mm và a dry weight of 137 kg only! It comes with alloy wheels & single front-disc-rear-drum braking thiết lập.

GZ150 Price

In Colombia, GZ150 is priced at 41,990,00 Peso which is around 89,000 in INR. For reference, the Gixxer SF FI costs 43,990,000 Perso there (approx 93,000 INR). This means that if the GZ150 is locally made (which it should be), expect it to cost slightly under the faired Gixxer.

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Suzuki GZ150 Launch

According to lớn the dealer GZ150 is expected to be launched before the festive season. Around September is what he tells us.


Is it Really Coming?

The authorised dealer tells us that company engineers have sầu informed them about the motorcycle & Motul – their lubricant partner has ‘examined’ the motorcycle already.


Frankly, a chopper/chopper does NOT seem to lớn fit the scheme of things currently for Suzuki but Avenger has been a big hit, specially the lademo versions so may be the company feels that they can make some business out of this nibít segment. We have sầu started to lớn dig deeper khổng lồ understand if we can get any more information on this – stay tuned…

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