Motogp: guintoli on developing the suzuki gsx

Suzuki has registered the first international design patent of what could be the future Suzuki GSX-RR Street, a superxe đạp derived directly from the prototype of which the Hamamatsu factory dispute the MotoGP World Championship. The documents filtered by a Morebikes portal leave sầu no doubt: the Japanese brand works on a motorcycle that has a kiến thiết almost identical lớn that of its MotoGPhường, something similar khổng lồ what Honda did with its RC213V-S.

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The front, for example, is identical lớn the motorcycle that this year Alex Rins và Andrea Iannone have sầu, as well as the corner area & the chassis of double aluminum beam. Where we do find a notable difference is in the rear swing-arm, possibly less exotic than the one employed in MotoGP khổng lồ reduce the costs of the street mã sản phẩm.


In addition lớn the side design, the patent presented by Suzuki also includes three different keel types, each with a different shape at the bottom, a design exercise that seeks to play with the airflow and stability of the xe đạp in a curve. This type of keel may not be exclusive sầu to this Suzuki GSX-RR Street, being used in other future models of Suzuki, whether or not implemented is other sport class.

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Suzuki GSX-RR Street – In the event that Suzuki is finally encouraged khổng lồ develop its GSX-RR for the street, the Hamamatsu factory would start a road that already Ducati started in 2007 when it released its Desmosedici RR with a 197 hp V4 engine, demodontic distribution, fork Öhlins FG353P., Brembo Monobloc brakes and a dry weight of 171 kilos. Seven years later Hondomain authority would arrive with its RC213V-S, a replica motorcycle of the prototype used by Marc Márquez & Dani Pedrosa that tripled the price of the Desmosedici RR, reaching the 180,000 euros of value in the market.


KTM, the lachạy thử brvà khổng lồ join MotoGP.., has also recently announced its intention to launch a limited series of its RC16 to lớn the general public, an exclusive motorcycle for a circuit that for an estimated price of 120,000 euros, will allow its lucky owners to ride a sport bike very cthất bại to lớn the official of Pol Espargaró & Bradley Smith, also tubular chassis & V4 engine with 30 hp less than the MotoGP. one (Up khổng lồ 240 hp).

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Even Aprilia showed during the past EICMA of Milan an RSV4 RR named FW-GPhường with an estimated power of 250 hp which engine drift from that used by the MotoGPhường RS-GPhường, with pneumatic valves và công nghệ exclusive sầu of MotoGp. Its price? Something more than 100,000 euros.

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