Yamaha Baby & Grvà Pianos 

Freehold Music is a Yamaha Certified Grand Piano Dealer. We are proud to lớn offer the Best Selling GB1k, the G Series, Cx series, và the Premium Sx Series of Baby và Grvà Pianos for sale in our Central New Jersey Showroom. We are Certified Yamaha và Yamaha Premium Piano Dealers. 

Yamaha Manufactures a large selection of Baby, Grvà and Concert Gr& Pianos. Choose between a number of different finish options. You can always add Factory Installed Technology to your Acoustic Piano with Yamaha’s Exclusive sầu Disklavier, Smart Piano và TransAcoutic Piano Offerings! 


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Yamaha Baby Grvà – Classic Collection

Featuring 3 different piano sizes From 5′-5’8″ the Classic collection is a great way khổng lồ get into lớn a World Class Baby Grand Piano. The G Series features America’s Best Selling new Baby Gr& Piano the Yamaha Gb1k. 

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At 5’3″ the GC1 is the first Yamaha Baby Grand Piano made và assembled in nhật bản. Also the First to lớn Feature duplex scaling và a Sostenulớn pedal.

Yamaha CX Series – The Professional Collection 

Six different Models Ranging from a World Class Baby Grand the C1X, at 5’3 deep to the Semi Concert Grvà the C7X, at 7’6″ deep Yamaha makes a Great selection of Performance based Pianos crafted in Japan. 

Four Models Ranging in Size from 6’1″ – 7’6″. The SX Series Brings Perfection to The Acoustic Grand Piano

Yamaha offers factory installed acoustic/digital piano giải pháp công nghệ available on a number of models. As a leading Yamaha dealer we are committed lớn displaying the Acoustic/Electric Piano Variations.

Yamaha Silent Piano – A traditional Yamaha Acoustic Yamaha gr& piano with an integrated digital mute bar so you can play the piano with headphones on, acoustically, or through speakers.

Yamaha Disklavier – Yamaha Acoustic Gr& Piano or a Baby Grand Piano outfitted with an electronic reproducing system. Watch your piano come lớn life & play recorded songs or even what you just played. Also features a silent system built into lớn the piano.

Yamaha TransAcoustic – A Yamaha Silent Piano on an acoustic piano with a living soundboard. This piano features two exciter speakers and a power amplifier that turns your piano inkhổng lồ a speaker that you can feel while playing.

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