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Mineral Inclusions in Sapphire from Southern Vietnam: Indicator of Formation


Snowflake Inclusions in Mong Hsu Ruby

A holiday snowflake scene in a treated Mong Hsu ruby surprises & delights a gemologist in the Bangkok lab. Read More

thitruongxemay.com Knowledge Sessions

Engage in webinars on the most diverse and pressing issues in gemology today, including gemstone origin, laboratory-grown stones & new discoveries in field gemology. Learn More

Unusual Absorption in a Blue Flux-Grown Synthetic Sapphire

The Bangkok lab identified unexpected characteristics in a flux-grown synthetic sapphire. Read More

Unmasking Emerald Filler

A long-wave sầu ultraviolet flashlight illuminates chalky blue fluorescence in a fracture-filled emerald. Read More

Rare Intense Purplish Pink Montamãng cầu Sapphire

A Montamãng cầu sapphire of unusual form size and color proves to be from the secondary deposit of Rock Creek. Read More

Update on Inclusions in Emeralds from Davdar, China

Testing reveals interesting inclusions in Chinese emeralds lớn be calcite và dolomite. Read More

Found in lava, meteorites, và deep in the earth’s mantle, yellow-green peridot is the extreme gem.

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Fancy Color Diamond

Dazzling brilliance. Captivating color. These are the planet’s most valued gems.


Emerald is the bluish green to lớn green variety of beryl, a mineral species that includes aquamarine.

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