2021 Genesis G80 Buyer'S Guide

Despite a stunning interior & great features, this midform size luxury sedan comes up short dynamically.

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We really wanted to lớn love the 2021 Genesis G80, but the midkích cỡ luxury sedan segment requires a delicate touch the redesigned Model just doesn"t deliver. Genesis has nailed certain aspects while leaving us cold in others.

The most basic compliment we can pay the G80 is thanking Genesis for continuing to offer a sedan in this price range. While Genesis was putting final touches on the 2021 G80, the Acura RLX, Lexus GS, & Lincoln Continental were discontinued, leaving the luxury sedan world three cars the poorer.

You don"t get a prize just for showing up, though. Genesis attempts to lớn earn its place aý muốn more established midkích thước luxury sedans with a bolder swagger outside and rich detailing inside. As with the GV80 SUV, the G80 gives off a high-tech, high-luxury first impression. From beveled-edge silver trim lớn the gearshift disc và the generously apportioned wood trlặng, there"s no mistaking the G80 for anything but a luxury car.

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"The baông chồng seat is capacious, with a padded, fold-up armrest that also has room for your stuff, seat heater controls, & cupholders," editor-in-chief Mark Rechtin said. "Plus, there"s a pass-through for long, skinny items. Truly magnificent, smart rear-seat thiết kế."

We also appreciate the G80 2.5T"s rise in fuel economy compared to lớn the last-gen"s standard 3.8-liter V-6. Look to lớn the 2021 G80"s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6, and you"ll find an engine that propels the luxury sedan to 60 mph in a respectable 5.2 seconds. Luxury sedans don"t really need to accelerate more swiftly, but it"s worth noting the equivalent Audi A6 và Mercedes E-Class are quicker & more efficient.

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With a better ride and more refined engines, we might be writing a different story. Judges took issue with both the 300-hp turbo-four và the 375-hp twin-turbo V-6, finding they lacked the smoothness & refinement of others in the class. What really kept the G80 from moving forward was the car"s subpar body control & suspension roughness.

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"Driving it baông xã to lớn back with the E-Class, the G80"s Comfort mode feels like the Thể Thao mode in the E-Class," MotorTrover en Español managing editor Miguel Cortimãng cầu said. "The ride is less settled và stiffer." Yet the firmer suspension doesn"t result in handling on par with its German rivals.

"It feels as if it"s up on its tiptoes," senior features editor Jonny Lieberman said. "Even going in a straight line at about 40-45 mph, you can feel the G80 dipping on its springs. If you"re going to lớn enter the E-Class/5 Series segment, at bare minimum you"ve got to have the same levels of chassis sophistication. This vehicle simply doesn"t."

If it sounds like we"re being a little hard on the G80, we are. Because just look at what the luxury br& has already accomplished. Numerous Car and now SUV of the Year finalists, one winner, & a comparison test-winning executive sedan bachồng in 2017.

So please iterate on this, Genesis. Oh, & while we have sầu your attention, consider raising the nearly flat infotainment rotary controller. Additionally accessible via touchscreen, the system operates on a standard 14.5-inch display.

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"The infotainment screen is sharp and clear," associate road test editor Erichồng Ayapamãng cầu said. "I somewhat got the hang of the rotary control knob, which feels high quality, but still prefer BMW"s iDrive."

The G80 will prove alluring lớn the luxury customer who wonders why some midkích cỡ luxury sedans don"t feel midkích cỡ from the baông chồng seat. They might be impressed by the car"s interior, too, or the features-per-dollar value. Just lượt thích the GV80, the G80 is recommendable khổng lồ the right buyer. With better ride unique and toàn thân control, it might one day cause the top players in the segment to sweat a little more.

Base Price/As Tested$68,675/$69,075 (mfr est)
Power (SAE net)375 hp

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