Refreshed 2022 genesis g70 price increase to $38,570 includes more features and trims

It was only two years ago that we first experienced the then-new Genesis G70 sports sedan, the brand"s rear-wheel-drive shot across the bows of established entry-màn chơi luxury sedan players such as the BMW 3 Series và Audi A4. Shortly after that initial drive, we named the 2019 Genesis G70 our Car of the Year. Now, Genesis has completely overhauled the G70"s looks for 2022—so much so, that you"re forgiven for thinking it"s an all-new G70.

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In reality, the 2022 Genesis G70 represents a heavy cosmetic refresh of the same sedan that"s been on sale for years. The upstart luxury brand"s emerging kiến thiết language, which debuted on the larger G80 and G90 sedans, as well as the new GV80 crossover SUV, has been applied khổng lồ attractive effect. (This isn"t entirely surprising—it is our understanding that the G70 was designed from the outset to adopt the new look, which was still being fleshed out in 2018.) Replacing the old G70"s more generic face và tail-over styling are twin-bar lighting elements front & rear that bifurcate the headlights và taillights, as well as a bolder and pointier new chain-mail mesh grille.

The front fenders appear lớn have taken on a more sculptural aesthetic, while a new little vent lives just behind each front wheel and picks up on an existing chamfer in the G70"s side doors. In the same vein, the new headlights và taillights align with the G70"s sharp shoulder crease that runs just above the door handles from nose to lớn tail. It sounds cliché, but the net effect of the 2022 G70"s visual upgrades make it appear longer và leaner than before, even though the toàn thân shell và hardpoints are unchanged.

From the limited photography Genesis released, the brand seems to have made few alterations lớn the G70"s interior. Already a handsome và user-friendly space, the G70"s cabin looks the same as before, though it hides one big improvement: The current model"s 8.0-inch central display has been swapped for a new, wider-format 10.3-inch screen running fresh software. While not explicitly stated, the new cài đặt likely changes from the outgoing G70"s vaguely Hyundai-esque on-screen menus and appearance to lớn Genesis-specific on-screen style và functionality.

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Included with the new kit? Over-the-air update capability. The display still relies on touch inputs for manipulation, và we"re happy to lớn see the row of large, easy to use climate control knobs, as well as hard buttons for the audio system remain.

Just as your mother always said, looks aren"t everything, but in the case of the 2022 G70—they kind of are. Genesis says the current model"s 252-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder will carry over to lớn the "22 unchanged, at least for the Korean market. Ditlớn the available 365-hp twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6, which is newly backed up by an active exhaust system that can be phối louder for more pizazz during sporty driving.

The automaker notes that "international market features are TBD," meaning there is time yet for the U.S.-market 2022 G70 to swap its base 2.0-liter engine for a new 2.5-liter unit that makes around 300 hp—an expected change that also comes lớn the G70"s Kia-badged platform-mate, the Stinger. That good news is offphối by Genesis"s decision khổng lồ drop the manual transmission from the 2022 G70"s option sheet. Consider it a miracle that the G70 was ever offered with the stichồng shift in the first place, as the transmission type is fast fading from the sports sedan segment. It isn"t yet known whether the V-6 will get more power here, or whether Genesis will swap in the larger twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 from the GV80.

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All of these questions & more will be answered next month, according to lớn Genesis. Detailed specifications và U.S.-specific information will be a part of that update. In the meantime, drink in the G70"s new look.

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