2014 yamaha fz150i unveiled in malaysia

Yamaha FZ150i 2014 Review Malaysia - Yamaha FZ150i were launched inkhổng lồ the local market baông xã in April 2014, about six years after the first Model launched by Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM). Between the years, Yamaha has given the naked bike-road most of the changes - some large - to meet the demand, then the lure more potential buyers. We tested the bike khổng lồ find out whether the change actually set the new Mã Sản Phẩm apart from its predecessor.

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See the right-sized xe đạp, you will see a noticeable difference in terms of appearance during the 2008 models and the facelift version followed. First, the round bore lights have been swapped with a piece sharper, equipped with sharp tail lamps at the rear và fresh bodywork design in between. Perhaps what buyers will see when they first saw the bike (in addition khổng lồ the new lamp) is sporty half closed tank with the "best" style cap và a new undertoàn thân cowling, which was not on the past Mã Sản Phẩm.
This shows the added value in FZ150i, which is very important khổng lồ attract first-time buyers và existing customers. Plus, not a double meter layout, the new mã sản phẩm is equipped with a rev meter with digital speevày. Yamaha also offers a bicycle in three attractive sầu colors - blaông chồng, red, & White - combined with attractive sầu graphic kiến thiết that makes it look much younger than former models.

The FZ150i ride on wheels new players with a wider rear tires (120/70 R17). Swinging your legs over FZ150i and you will see a comfortable riding position immediately. Stang is high enough to prsự kiện you from leaning forward while the right foot pegs are positioned lớn offer not only comfort but full control of the xe đạp at the same time. Bring comfortable saddle to lớn the equation and you will have one of the most convenient & bicycle-friendly posture available in the market.

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Like the previous Model, FZ150i maintain 149 cc four-stroke engine liquid-cooled with the same hole & stroke 57 x 58.7 milimet. Nevertheless, this new Model is favored with 16.36 hp at 8,500 rpm and 14.5 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm, which is somewhat higher than what makes FZ150i old. Figures may not shout much improvement, but small road bike proves it can be done running with better acceleration and stable power delivery in the powerband, so versatile xe đạp for both the thành phố and highway riding.

The new FZ150i is also one lớn see if you are looking for something economical. You can open the throttle và watch rev up to 10,000 rpm with all his strength, but the fuel injection system, combined with the ECU, ensure that not a single drop of fuel goes lớn waste. With a 12-liter tank proper, it is not possible to lớn FZ150i reach 300 km or more before the next refueling (depending on road conditions và riding style). Vibration at the foot pegs and handlebar, meanwhile, kept at a minimum màn chơi even at high speeds

Handling-wise, you"ll get what you expect from Yamaha. Slyên ổn profile và a steady frame FZ150i help in making agile road bike that is ready to lớn corner after corner. Wide rear tires help too. However, the front brakes bởi vì not feel a bit chewy và not convincing, despite the presence of the rear discs.

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Price RM8,538 without protectionMotor Type 4-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, 4 Valve sầu, SOHCDisplacement 149.8 ccPower 16.36 hp
7,500 rpmGearbox 5-SpeedClutch Wet ClutchWeight (Dry) 117 kgFrame DiamondFront Suspension TelescopicBaông chồng Suspension Double-sided SwingarmWheelbase 1,296 mmSeat Height 790 mmFuel Capađô thị 12 LitersTyres 90/80 17 (F), 120/70 17 (R), Tubeless

All in all, for a starting price of about RM8,538, you can not ask for more than this motor. Yamaha new FZ150i apparent fresh enough to lớn compete in the segment while everything else looks and feels pretty much solid. This machine is economical but powerful enough tốc độ if needs kiông chồng in.

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